The Papasan Chair Is Making a Comeback-Shop Our Favorites

The Papasan Chair Is Making a Comeback-Shop Our Favorites

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Original Graphic by Stephanie DeAngelis

Say hello to the comeback kid of living room seating, the Papasan chair. If you read MyDomaine regularly, you probably know that we have a thing for decorating withВ iconic chairs. And while we love the structural Flag Halyard, the whimsical Ro, and the minimalistic Les Arcs, we have a special placeВ in our hearts (and living rooms) for the Papasan. SinceВ these lounge chairsВ are basicallyВ elevated beanbags, we're extremely excited to see more of them around our favoriteВ shopping destinations.

The following picks provide a modern twist on the classic Papasan chair design and they'll instantly add comfy, feel-good vibes to any aesthetic.

How would you style these chairs? Sound off in the comments!

Pool Circle Armchair $3256ShopPaul Frankl Pretzel Rattan Lounge Chair $710ShopUrban Outfitters Javari Hoop Chair $342ShopCost Plus World Market Cowhide Faux Fur Papasan Cushion $136Shop


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