9 Unforgettable Ways to FГЄte Your First Wedding Anniversary

9 Unforgettable Ways to FГЄte Your First Wedding Anniversary

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Your first wedding anniversary is an occasion that requires a little hoopla, but not in a expensive-showering-of-gifts kind of way - more of aВ hand-written-note-instead-of-a-storebought-card kind of way. In other words, taking the gesture one step further is always the best practice here.

Below are nine unforgettable ways to commemorate your first wedding anniversary. Some are traditional and some are a little outside the norm, but all will help etch the occasion into your memory.

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Share Your First Dance (Again)

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Play your song and take each other for a spin across your living room floor. If you took lessons or did a choreographed dance on your wedding day, you can see if you both still remember all of the moves.

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Put Pen to Paper

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With paper being the traditional gift for a first anniversary, it presents the perfect opportunity to practice your penmanship. Write your spouse a poem, haiku, song, story… It doesn't really matter as long as your words come from your heart.

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Share a Slice of Your Wedding Cake


Many couples freeze the top tier of their wedding cake to eat on their first wedding anniversary. Alternatively, you could enlist the bakery to make you a new, smaller cake or cupcakes in the same flavors and decorative theme as your wedding cake.В

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Flip Through Your Wedding Album

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Relive your big day by flipping through your wedding album or watching your wedding video. You're sure to recall forgotten memories while reminiscing.

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Take a Second Honeymoon

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Return to your original honeymoon destination for some much-deserved Q.T. with your spouse. If a getaway isn't in the cards, book a night or two at a posh local hotel, and celebrate the occasion with champagne, room service, and in-room massages.

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Throw a Party

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Invite your wedding party and other wedding attendees to your place for a low-key soiree in honor of your anniversary. Take a walk down memory lane by asking them to share their favorite moments from your big day.

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Raise a Glass

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Buy your favorite brand of champagne or shake up your wedding'sВ signature cocktail, then toast one another. Bonus: It's a great excuse to break out that crystal you received as a wedding gift.

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Renew Your Vows

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You could go the formal route and renew your vows in the presence of an officiant and an audience of your favorite people, or you could simply renew your vows at home by reciting the promises you made to one another a year earlier. It's up to you.

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Get Busy Between the Sheets (or Elsewhere)

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Sex on your anniversary is expected, but that doesn't mean it can't hold a surprise or two. Throw your S.O. a curve ball by donning some new lingerie or (gasp!) even initiating the act in an unexpected location.