8 Ways to Reconnect With Your Spouse That Aren't Sex

8 Ways to Reconnect With Your Spouse That Aren't Sex

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Creating intimacy in your relationship involves more than great sex. A meaningful partnership is dependent on mutual respect, open communication, and making the other person a priority. WillВ that get your heart racing? Probably not, but it's important just the same. Here are eight beyond-the-bedroom ways to reignite the spark and deepen your bond with your spouse.

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Spark a conversation

When it comes to nurturing a relationship, mum's not the word. You may not have the time (nor the desire) to engage in hours-long conversations like you did at the start at your relationship, but that doesn't mean you can't check in every so often. By simply asking your partner to share something about his or her day, for example, you demonstrate your interest in his or her happiness and well-being.В

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Leave a romantic note

Jot down a silly doodle, romantic poem, or a saucy note, and tuck it in your partner's pocket, desk, laptop case, or other inconspicuous spot to be found later.

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Give a gift

The present doesn't have to be expensive or over-the-top. The goal here is toВ show your spouse that he or she was on your mind by making aВ thoughtful gesture. You could swing by your partner's favorite coffee shop for some whole beans on your way home from work, for example,В or you could surprise your sweetie with concert tickets to see his or her favorite band.В

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Take a walk

Having a destination in mind is optional, but holding hands is mandatory.

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Go on a picnic

Shake up your mealtime routine with a picnic at the park-or right on your living room floor. Roll out a plush blanket, uncork a bottle of vino, and share a finger-food feast.

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Meet for lunch

Carve some time out of your busy day to meet your significant other for lunch.В Not only will you enjoy added face time with your better half, you'll get a much-needed breather from work (or whatever else keeps you busy during the daylight hours).

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Go on an adventure

Whether it's something small (taking a dance lesson) or big (backpacking across Europe), embarking on new and unexpected journeys together will help keep things fresh and create new memories.

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Be touchy-feely

Don't understand the power of G-rated touch in reaffirming the strength of your relationship. Connect with your sweetie through hugs, snuggles, kisses, caresses, or, if you really want to get in your partner's good graces, a no-strings-attachedВ massage.


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