14 Painted Wood Floors Convincing Us to Pick Up a Brush

14 Painted Wood Floors Convincing Us to Pick Up a Brush

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Fran Parente; DESIGN: Zio and Sons

While painted wood floors might be a bit divisive, if our Instagram feed is any indication, they're certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Interior designers by the likes of Leanne Ford, the star of HGTV's Restored by the Fords, Rita Konig, and Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors have all recently posted images of stunning interiors to the social media platform that are inspiring us to pick up a paintbrush.

"Painted floors are simply timeless," explains Anthony Dargenzio, CEO of the New York-based design firm Zio & Sons, of the enduring design trend. "Whether it's a city loft or country cottage, a painted floor is a great design solution." Seeing as we here at MyDomaine have an entire saved folder on Instagram devoted to painted wood floor inspiration, we couldn't agree more with the sought-after designer.

From a welcoming entryway with painted checkered wood floors to a charming kitchen boasting intricately patterned stenciled floors, here are just a few of the striking spaces that make a compelling case for heading to your local hardware store, stat.

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The Welcoming Entryway With Painted Checkered Wood Floors

This stunning entryway designed by Lisa Tharp boasts painted checkered wood floors. Rather than completely coating the floors in black-and-white paint to achieve a checkered pattern, Tharp allowed the original wood floors to peek through, alternating painted black squares with natural wood squares. Genius.

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The Inviting Entryway With Painted Diamond-Patterned Floors

Similarly, this entryway designed by Sam Blount features painted diamond-patterned wood floors that incorporate the space's original wood floors into the classic motif. The intricate design extends from the entryway into the hallway effectively making the narrow space look and feel larger than it really is.

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The Bright Kitchen With Painted White and Beige Checkered Floors

Leave it to Anthony Dargenzio of Zio & Sons to make a compelling case for completely coating wood floors with tons of paint. In designing this 100-year-old-home-turned-creative studio, Dargenzio opted to paint the kitchen's floors in a white and beige checkered pattern, which dramatically brightened up the entire space.

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The Bespoke Kitchen With Painted White Wood Floors

In this understated kitchen, designer Rita Konig elected for an all-white palette, slathering everything from the vaulted ceiling to the cabinetry, to the beadboard backsplash to, of course, the wood floors in a bright shade of white paint. Meanwhile, a butcher block countertop and brass hardware lend warmth to the space.

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The Retro Kitchen With Painted Black and White Checkered Floors

Complete with painted black and white checkered floors, this retro-inspired kitchen demonstrates the power of paint to completely transform a space. When paired with design details such as a 50s-style Smeg fridge, a farmhouse sink, and a traditional wood dining set, this charming kitchen exudes retro vibes.

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The Charming Kitchen With Intricately Patterned Painted Wood Floors

When Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors undertook the project of renovating this rustic lake cottage kitchen, she knew one feature had to remain: the intricately patterned painted wood floors. A salmon-hued fridge in a retro design accentuates the floor's colorful design while retaining the kitchen's unique charm.

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The Rustic Kitchen With Painted White Wood Floors

In this kitchen, interior designer Anthony Dargenzio of Zio & Sons painted wood floors a crisp shade of white. While in theory, whitewashed floors tend to skew stark and cold, this kitchen is proof that, in reality, that's far from the truth. Rather, the classic hue is the perfect foundation for curating a striking space that never gets old.

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The Minimal Farmhouse Home With Painted White Wood Floors

This home designed by Timber Cottage is further proof that all-white spaces-complete with wood floors painted in the classic neutral hue, of course-are anything but stark and cold. With rustic wood accents and industrial-inspired iron wrought light fixtures, consider this space a masterclass is minimal farmhouse decor.

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The Old World Dining Room With Painted White Wood Floors

For further proof that painted white wood floors offer the perfect foundation for a timeless space, study this dining room designed by Anthony Dargenzio of Zio & Sons. Note the weathered wood accents, modern finishes, and unkempt greenery that infuse the neutral space with Old World charm.

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The All-White Dining Room With Painted White Floors

Leanne Ford specializes in decorating layered, all-white interiors, so it should come as no surprise that she's the mastermind behind this ivory-infused dining room. Here, painted white hardwood floors are the base for a texture-rich space marked by a rustic wood dining table, sleek metal chairs, and a cowhide rug.

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The Surprisingly Cozy Living Room With Painted White Floors

For definitive proof that an all-white living room can be cozy, look no further than this space designed by Zio & Sons. Texture-rich details such as a vintage rug, weathered wood furniture, and even a sleek contemporary light fixture fill an otherwise stark space with white floors, walls, and ceilings with a welcoming air.

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The Delightful Bathroom With Painted Checkered Floors

There's a lot to love about this charming bathroom designed by Rita Konig: the freestanding tub, the oversized artwork, the matching porcelain pedestal sinks, and the shiplap walls, to name a few standout details. But the painted checkered floors comprised of alternating white and oak squares have stolen our design-loving hearts.

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The Serene Bedroom With Painted White Wood Floors

In this light-filled bedroom designed by Zio & Sons, an all-white palette keeps the space looking and feeling airy and bright. But whitewashed hardwood floors and shiplap walls are just the beginning. Even the bed linens are a crisp white, further adding to the space's serene air.

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The Attic Office With Whitewashed Wood Floors

To brighten up an attic office that doesn't get all that much natural light, Leanne Ford opted to whitewash the space's hardwood floors, wood-paneled walls, and vaulted ceiling. Even a vintage wood desk chair gets the whitewashed treatment with a snowy sheepskin throw. Naturally, a white desk completes the all-white look.

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