Abandon Your Comfort Zone at These 10 Nightlife Cities Around the World

Abandon Your Comfort Zone at These 10 Nightlife Cities Around the World

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Every few months, ourВ routines need a shake-up. This applies to all aspects of our lives, too; new challenges in our professional and romantic lives help us to grow. Ruts will get you nowhere.

If you find that being social is challenging,В meeting new people in a new place may be just the remedy. The same solution can help anyone whose usual stomping grounds have gone stale. It may be difficult to organize the whole crew for aВ vacation to one of the best nightlife cities around the world, but still, our list today will serve as aspirational.

It seems ironic that a 24-hour bar scene can facilitate relaxation, yet that is exactly what social butterflies covet, especially when they are native to cities that go to bed at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. The level of debauchery is up to the traveler, and we have rounded up a wide-ranging list of the best international cities to party in.


Prague, Czech Republic

You will not find a sweet underground club scene in Prague. Instead, expect big parties in some of the vastest warehouses you can imagine. The music will go all night if you are willing to keep up, especially if you are interested in rock clubs. That side of the Czech live music scene actually has a fascinating history, having faced persecution during the Cold War; now it thrives with unique takes on genres that were once considered too Western to allow in public.


MontrГ©al, Canada

Though Toronto has been the Canadian destination recently, Montreal remains the place where natives go to party. Many music clubs and breweries draw in crowds for their clean atmospheres, and the restaurants serve some of the best food in the world-and we're not just talking about poutine. Some of the best spots are not necessarily in the same neighborhood, so be sure to plan your night ahead of time or leave prep to a local.


London, United Kingdom

Americans are sure to enjoy more than just clubbing while in the United Kingdom. While some of the world's most acclaimed raves happen in London, headlined by the best contemporary electronic musicians, stage and comedy productions have their own unique draws for English-speaking audiences. There are plenty of rooftop bars to indulge in between the club or theater, in case there was any worry.


Ibiza, Spain

Including this famous little island on this list is more of a challenge than a recommendation. Ibiza is for battle-worn partiers, ready for enduring DJ sets and exquisite views of the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, if you don't plan on being out until morning, the beaches and social evenings are sure to satisfy.


Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is a bit of a hidden gem for nightlife. Relative to other bustling cities, this one is quieter, though it will resonate with anyone that wants something off the beaten path. The Swedish town boasts a number of themed bars; places like Port du Soleil emulate the tropics, while Sticky Fingers is a popular rock club named after the 1971 Rolling Stones record.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Exploration of bars and electronic music is required in this picturesque Scandinavian city. In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a nightlife experience without drinks and techno. With that, Culture Box is one of the best places to find the most world-renowned DJs, and the space is located nearby many other options for keeping the party going.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

As with many of the locales on this list, Buenos Aires doesn't sleep; unlike them, the city isn't just meant to be a haven for alcohol. While there are certainly plenty of bars and clubs to experience, most of the people that can stay on their feet until sunrise spend their energy dancing tango at milongas. Meet up with locals over after-work drinks and follow the night wherever it leads, whether a wholesome group hang at PodestГЎ or an eclectic, mature party at Niceto.


Berlin, Germany

You won't have any insecurities when you leave Berlin, or at least you will have a chance to forget them while you are there. Techno music lovers will especially feel at home in the many clubs that celebrate the genre. The city is also a reliable destination for the queer community and allies seeking non-judgmental and diverse places to party. That said, don't let casual tourist attire prevent you from getting in; be sure to check the dress code, or take no risks by dressing up every night.


Bangkok, Thailand

Just the thought of the Thai capital brings to mind bold colors and late nights. From niche bars to night markets, there are plenty of late-night entertainment options for everyone. They will have everything you could want after dark, from retail vendors to street food. No matter what time of night, there is an air of elegance winding around spiritual shrines and statues. Or maybe that's just the breeze of this tropical paradise-the perfect weather is the perfect setting for your next all-nighter.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

This vibrant city is known for its adult attractions, but they are not necessarily the secret to having a great time. Nights don't end in Amsterdam, with many of the bars and clubs going 24 hours, perfect for late nights spent dancing. The locations of some of the best spots are unusual, such as De School, which is literally held on former school grounds, or Vondelbunker, which is set in a bunker constructed for World War II.

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