Forget Accent Walls-Statement Ceilings Are the New Hot Trend

While we spend hours agonizing about which paint color to use on our walls, the ceiling typically gets little to no thought at all. HowВ many times have you reached for that can of matte white paint to cover a ceiling in an otherwise colorful room? We're making a case for the fifth wall. A statement ceiling can entirely transform a space-and instantly make it feel unique and memorable. If your room is already decorated but missing a little something, try one of these statement ceiling ideas. From gold leaf to paint color or even tile, there are a ton of ideas to get your wheels spinning.

Douglas Friedman/Trunk Archive

In this strikingly colorful room, a dome ceiling is punctuated with a crystal chandelier and covered in gold leaf. The crown molding is lined with hidden track lighting that casts a luxe glow on the gilded statement ceiling. This treatment is not for everyone, but it does make a striking statement and drives home the idea that you can completely transform a room by paying attention to the fifth wall.

Courtesy of Wrede

In a soft, Scandinavian dining room, the walls are painted in a quiet light gray, and the black wooden dining table is topped with a billowy white linen pendant. But the room is entirely transformed by the ceiling, painted in a muted light blue. The colored ceiling in an otherwise neutral room makes the space unique and beautifully moody.

Jason Schmidt/Trunk Archive

Paint is not the only way to make a ceiling pop. In this light-filled sunroom, the walls are covered with a leafy green pattern, while the burnt-orange sectional and pendant light give the space warmth. The cozy feeling is accentuated by the warm wood tones that cover the floor, built-in sofa, and ceiling. It would have been easy to simply paint this ceiling white, but the wood slats and beams really pull the room together.

Courtesy of Inside Closet

The ceiling in this Parisian apartmentВ is painted in the cheery Dayroom Yellow by Farrow & Ball-an accent color that continues downward with the linen curtains. The walls are a soft dove gray,В which creates a stark contrast to the statement ceiling. The sunny yellow accent not only brings life and happiness to an otherwise gray room, but it also accentuates the beautiful architectural detailing in the crown molding.

Jason Schmidt/Trunk Archive

Statement ceilings don't always have to be in contrast to the rest of the room. In this bright townhouse bedroom, the walls and ceiling are covered in a rich turquoise tone, while the rest of the room is accented with bold ruby red. The painted ceiling gives the room a jewelry-box feeling and makes it feel complete and considered.

Courtesy of Bespoke Only

Tin tiles were a popular ceiling covering in the 1880s, providing affordable architectural detailing and fire protection. The embossed tiles formed beautiful patterns that added character. Tin tiles are still used in historic homes today-sometimes painted to give the space a more modern feel. In this townhouse, the tin tiles are painted in a muddy army greenВ and sit against muted peach walls.

Bauer Media/Trunk Archive

There's something to be said about an accent wall that's carried over to the ceiling. In this space, the wood-paneled walls are lined with steel beams, which continue onto the vaulted ceiling, giving the space an industrial look that's much more interesting than a simple, plain white ceiling.

Mary Costa ; DESIGN: Black Lacquer Design

Don't have any striking architectural details in your space? Are your ceilings low? One might think that painting a ceiling black will make it feel even lower, but the opposite is actually true. In this Hollywood condo, the ceilings are painted pitch black, which brings grandeur and life to an otherwise "white-box" space.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sometimes the simplest statement ceilings are the best. In this A-frame cottage, designer Sarah Sherman Samuel painted the entire shiplapped space white and hung a minimal yet eye-catching brass chandelier to draw attention upward and provide a geometric statement. Keeping the high ceilings white helps create the illusion of expansive space.

Jason Schmidt/Trunk Archive

In Athena Calderone's contemporary Hamptons home, the designer added warmth by covering the ceiling in rope, secured with wooden beams. A double-tier chandelier hangs from the ceiling above the dining room, bringing the eye up. The combination of the light, warm wood floors and the roped ceiling makes the light-filled space feel layered and cozy.

Simon Watson/Trunk Archive

One of the best ways to bring the eye up is to paint stripes on the ceiling. In this narrow bedroom with extra-high ceilings, the portion of the room above the bed is highlighted with glossy blue and white stripes.

Amy Bartlam

Vaulted ceilings are coveted for a variety of reasons, mainly because they provide architectural interest and make a space feel bigger. In this midcentury home, the wooden vaulted ceiling is stained in a matte, dark hue to give it a more contemporary feel. The ceilings are a stark contrast to the bright white walls and the dark gray furniture.

The options for creating a statement ceiling are endless, from paint to tiles or even gold leaf. How would you create your own statement ceiling?