5 Signs You're Romantically Introverted

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Introversion is having a bit of a cultural moment, what with the rise of "nesting" and trendsВ like JOMO, or the joy of missing out. Surprisingly enough, fairly social people can also be classified as "romantically introverted," or best able to recharge while they are alone rather than with others. In theory, you can be a social individual who isВ introverted when it comes to romance. Thanks to a new article on Psychology Today,В there are simple ways to know whether you or your S.O. is an introvert when it comes to matters of the heart. Read on to see whether you or your partner fit the bill.

You're searching for The One

When it comes to dating, romantic introverts don't have time to "just have fun." They are deeply committed to finding a long-term partner and canВ often be frustrated with the casual nature of modern-day dating.В

You value dependability in a significant other

When it comes to the utmost important qualities you want in your relationship, it all comes down to trust and dependability. Although all people want to feel safe romantically in some way, a sense of security is crucial to the happiness of a romantic introvert.

You like to take it slow when dating

There's no rushing when it comes to the initial stages of dating. You want to dip your toes in, rather than be spontaneous and see where things end up. This can be a positive trait since you really want to get to know a person before leaping into a relationship.

You analyze minute details-the good and the bad

Have you ever had the teeny-tinyВ details of aВ disagreement or an awesome date play over and over in yourВ head on repeat like a broken record? Romantic introverts are very detail-orientedВ but need to be wary that they don't overanalyze their relationships.

You need down time-alone

When it comes to recharging for the week, all you can think about is doing so by yourself. Even if you are in a committed relationship with someone you care about, you often need some space to just process. As long as you make sure you're upfront with that person about your needs, you'll be just fine.

For more, pick up a copy ofВ Preston Ni's book,В Relationship Communication Success for Introverts, and tell us whether you're introverted or extroverted when it comes to romance in the comments!