5 Surefire Ways to Intensify Your Orgasm (According to Sex Experts)

Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Between cuffing season, the holidays, and all the nights spent indoors watching Netflix, winter is rife with opportunities to get intimate with your significant other (and partner or no partner, there's nothing wrong with a little DIY-action too.) If you're looking to turn it up a notch this season, look no further than PopSugar's expert-approved list of tips to enhance your next orgasm. The publication tapped sex experts, doctors, and women to get their take on the most effective ways to intensify the female orgasm (whether you're alone or with a partner). Read their responses below.

Keep Going

Don't stop after your first orgasm, even if your body feels sensitive. One expert shared that her third orgasm is usually the strongest because everything is hyper-aroused.

Don't Go Over the Edge Just Yet

Essentially, slowly bring yourself closer and closer to coming but hold back before going over the edge. The buildup really intensifies the orgasm, and by prolonging the whole juicy process, it makes everything more fun in general (whether you're solo or with a friend or two!).

Be Aware of Your Body

Close your eyes and really focus on your body! Being aware of everything your partner is doing and touching will make your orgasm 10x better.

Try Kegels

Once you've mastered those, you can actually do them while your partner is inside of you, and your orgasm will be super intense.

Consider a Vibrator

During penetrative sex, it is difficult to achieve the much-needed clitoral stimulation to get to orgasm. Having a small vibrator in hand will give you the ability to get your clitoris in on the action. If you can combine g-spot and clitoral stimulation during sex, you'll be on your way to the best orgasm of your life.

Tips for Getting in the Right Mindset

But here's the thing, sometimes reaching orgasm is more about getting in the right mindset than being just physically prepared, says Dr. Emily Morse, in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. According to the sex and relationship expert, orgasms are highly personal endeavors, and "are not a one-size-fits-all situation."

For example, Dr. Morse advises prepping the mind for the bedroom with activities that may help calm and organize your thoughts so that you can be present in the moment, whether that's by meditating, exercise, or taking a long hot bath. Conversely, it's also important to note that being hyperaware of what is not happening may distract from the experience too and says, "whether it be solo or with a partner, try not to focus on what's not happening with your body and appreciate what is. If you don't get there, enjoying the ride counts for a lot, too."

And finally, Dr. Morse highlights that a mistake people make is that the responsibility of orgasm falls to their partner, when in fact, they should be empowered to learn what they like and how to get there. That way, no matter what your partner may be doing, you'll always "hold the key to your own orgasm."