This Is What a Dietitian Actually Eats in 24 Hours to Get in Shape

Trying to make healthy food choices day in, day out can be exhausting. "With all the diet information available you just wish someone would tell you exactly what to eat," lamentsВ dietitian Susie Burrell in an article fromВ Body+Soul. So that's exactly whatВ she's done.

To take the effort out of meal planning, Burrell has shared exactly what she eats in 24-hours to get in shape. She calls it "a perfect days' worth of eating," which is ideal for "anyone who wants to not only eat wellВ but control their weight while enjoying their food-and yes, it can be done." Balanced with nutrient-dense fresh juices, a hint of caffeine, and plenty of protein, consider this your step-by-step guide to healthy eating.В


7 a.m

Vegetable Juice: "Starting the day with a vegetable juice, made using a blender to retain as much fibre as possible means that you get 2 to 3 servings of vegetables in one hit," says Burrell. She recommends a blend of carrot, celery, and beets.В

Omelet With Wholegrain Toast:В "A portion-controlled serving of wholegrain carbs via toast or oats will help to fuel your muscles and control sugar cravings through the morning, while the protein-rich eggs will help to keep you full until lunchtime."

Piccolo:В "A hit of caffeine early in the day is an easy way to boost metabolic rate while milk is a great source of well-absorbed calcium."

12 p.m

Vegetable Soup and Half a Salmon Wrap: "Nutritionally an ideal lunch will contain at least 2 servings of vegetables or salad, a serving of lean protein via fish, chicken, lean meat or legumes and a serving or two of good quality carbs for glucose control," says Burrell.

Green Tea: "Finish the meal with herbal or green tea to help cleanse the palate and provide some extra fluid and antioxidants."

3 p.m

Nut Muesli Bar:В "Calorie-controlled, protein-rich snacks that contain controlled amounts of carbs are the key-cheese and crackers, nuts and fruit or a nut based snack bar or ball work well."

Water: "Sipping your way through another bottle of filtered waterВ will support optimal hydration."

7 p.m

Grilled Fish Fillet and Roasted Vegetables:В "A hand-size serving of lean protein (150g to 200g, cooked), along with 2 to 3 cups of vegetables or salad is the key to success."

Small Glass of Red Wine: "If your goal is weight control, 1/2 to 1 cup carbs or a small glass or two of red wine will add another couple of hundred calories to your daily intake."

8 p.m

Herbal Tea: "Tea and coffee both contain caffeine which is not ideal to consume 5 to 6 hours before we sleep and as such herbal tea will offer you fluid minus any calories or caffeine."

Two Squares of Dark Chocolate: Need a sweet treat? A couple of squares of dark chocolate won't blow your calorie intake, she says.В

How does this compare to your usual daily diet?В