The Feng Shui Bedroom Colors That Will Bring the Best Energy Into Your Space

The Feng Shui Bedroom Colors That Will Bring the Best Energy Into Your Space

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For some, decorating a bedroom is about more than expressing your personality. "The bedroom is seen as a space to rejuvenate, rest up, and reconnect," says certified feng shui expert Laura Cerrano, who specializes in The Five Elements Theory. You can use colors to improve the "energetic frequencies" of the room to suit your needs, she says.

According to Cerrano, there are five elements-fire, earth, metal, water, and wood-which can be used as a guide for selecting the color scheme of a bedroom based on your desires for the space. "Each of the five elements associate with specific energetic frequencies and personality characteristics," she explains. Here's how to use feng shui bedroom colors to create the environment you want.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Element: Fire

Colors: Red, red-orange, red-yellow, or any combination of warm colors

Energy: "The space feels dynamic, expansive, bright, and loving," explains Cerrano. She describes a person with this kind of room as diplomatic and unafraid to express who they are. She also suggests bringing fire elements into your bedroom if you're looking to spice things up romantically.

Alyssa Rosenheck DESIGN: Sean Anderson Design

Element: Earth

Colors: Earth tones, beige, and cream

Energy: The personality traits of this element are reliable and caring. "The environment feels nurturing, stable, and the occupant living in that space feels connected to it and claims it as their own," says Cerrano. This is ideal for someone looking to create a restful bedroom.

Louise Liljencrantz

Element: Metal

Colors: Silver, gold, bronze, metallic shimmers, gray, or white

Energy: "The space feels organized, refined, and structured," explains Cerrano. She identifies this element for a person who is excellent at communicating and who has a laser-sharp focus. Metal environments can also encourage confidence in communicating what you want.

BHDM Design

Element: Water

Colors: Blue, blue-green, black

Energy: Like the fluidity of water itself, a space with these characteristics should be arranged so that you can move through it with ease. There is also a sense of spiritual connection, according to Cerrano. This can translate into a deeper connection between you and your partner. "A person is a willing participant who works on self-cultivation, which leads to wisdom," she says.

Travis J Photography DESIGN: Studio McGee

Element: Wood

Colors: Green, blue-green, brown

Energy: This element brings feelings of supportiveness to a space where it is easy to grow personally and professionally. Personality characteristics associated with this element are flexibility and decisiveness. "The wood element invites a supportive relationship with self and with your partner," explains Cerrano.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

When it comes to incorporating these colors into your bedroom, there's no one correct way to do it. You have options, according to Cerrano. You can repaint your entire room or opt for smaller design details and art to infuse the space with a color and element of your choosing. Play with different hues and tints until it feels right to you. "The interpretation of the five elements is unique for each person," says Cerrano. It depends on your personal taste and the combination of feng shui principles you wish to foster. So experiment with designs and colors until the space feels complete.