5 Ways a Rug Can Transform Any Room

5 Ways a Rug Can Transform Any Room

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Whether you've been living in your home for years or just moved into a new place, you've probably come across the same dГ©cor questions we've all faced. Questions like how to incorporate pink into your home in aВ sophisticated way,В or how to make a small space feel bigger, not smaller. Whatever your question may be, the answer is likely right under your feet-literally.

If you think a rug's purpose is simply to provide you a soft surface to walk on, you are deeply mistaken. A statement rug can actually solve a host of design dilemmas, from how to infuse color to how to make a room look finished to (yes) even how to make it seem bigger. To prove it, we're showcasing five different ways rugs can help you overcome a room challenge with some help from Loloi's bold, colorful Javari Collection.

Feel lost inВ a sea of blues, grays, and ivories when you go rug shopping? Not a problem here. The family-owned company's latest designs are a breath of fresh air-think eye-catching patterns and hues that were designed to make a statement.В Don't be surprised when you start thinking of your new rug as a magic carpet. (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.)

House Goal #1: Filling Up an Empty Space

While built-in floors can be beautiful on their own, too much empty space in an area like a long hallway or foyer tends to look unintentionally incomplete. Don't write off these locations as mere transitional rooms that only require minimal styling. By simply placing a plush rug in the center of these otherwise neglected spaces, you'll not only create a point of interest but also add that welcoming finish the room may currently lack. In this case, the green and blue shades woven throughout the rug complement the existing furniture in the hallway, which makes this space feel complete.

Shop the Rug: Javari JV-07В Steel Lagoon.

House Goal #2: Softening a Hard Surface

There are certain surfaces in a home where hard floors simply don't make sense for practical reasons. Think your child's playroom, for example. Whether you'll physically be spending time sitting on the floor or not, a soft cozy rug is an easy way to fix the problem.

Try placing your covered patio furniture on a soft rug to make the space inviting and protect your bare feet from harsh temperatures.

Shop the Rug: JavariВ JV-05 Ivory Sea.

House Goal #3: Introducing Color Into a Neutral Room

Struggling to incorporate color into your home? You're certainly not alone. If you've found that throwing a bright pillow on your couch doesn't quite do the trick, it's probably because it feels out of place against your gray or beige color palette. Instead, try anchoring your space with a statement rug that features bold pops of color. Then highlight those brighter hues with accent pieces (like a chair, throw, or lamp) in the same shades to seamlessly tie the room together. Here, you can see the muted reds in the rug are echoed in the cushions, the berry-red chair, and the floral accents.В

Shop the Rug: Javari JV-08 Berry Sunrise.В

House Goal #4: Covering Scuffed Wood Floors

So you just moved into a home with worn-out wood floors but don't want to deal with refinishing them quite yet… Not a problem! A bold rug is a win-win solution: It acts as a beautiful centerpiece for your new space while also covering your tired, scratched surface.

Shop the Rug: Javari JV-03 Slate Berry.В

House Goal #5: Making a Small Room Feel Larger

A common mistake made by people with small spaces is buying a tiny rug. While it may seem counterintuitive, a large rug actually draws the eye out, creating the illusion of greater square footage. A good rule of thumb is to choose a size that can fit all of your furniture with some additional fabric peeking out.

Shop the Rug:В JavariВ JV-05 Ivory Sea.

Convinced on the power of a colorful rug? There's more: SeeВ more inspiration from Loloi,В or shop the entire collection here.