It's Cancer Season-Here's How to Decorate Like the Water Sign

It's Cancer Season-Here's How to Decorate Like the Water Sign

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At MyDomaine, we believe that your home should be your sanctuary-and our resident horoscope expert, Amelia Quint, does too. In this series, she reveals how to add zodiac-inspired touches to your abode. From Feng Shui tips to advice on making the most of each astrological season, she gives a grand tour of all things astrology in the living room, kitchen, and more. Read on for the best way to align your space with the stars.В

What Defines Cancer Style?

Just like the start of summer, there's something unmistakably comforting about Cancer style. Maybe it's because it's the first water sign of the zodiac, but Cancer's vibe is like a beach vacation-breezy and warm while still carrying a timeless elegance.В

This is the zodiac sign that's most associated with hospitality, so as soon as you enter a Cancer-curated space, you feel right at home. They are the consummate hosts and know exactly what every guest needs to feel good, whether it's a home-cooked meal, soft sheets, or a long bath. That's probably because they're so well-traveled: Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert is a Cancer, as was the late Anthony Bourdain!

Cancers rules the home, so they're natural experts in all things home decor! That also means the season is also ideal for redecorating. As one of the four cardinal signs, Cancers are natural leaders, so don't be afraid to start new trends with your design choices now. It's a very instinctual sign, so listen to your gut as you're shifting furniture around or making additions to a room. It's all about how the space and your home as a whole feel, both physically and energetically. If you've ever wanted to bring in a Feng Shui consultant, now's the perfect time!

If you're a Cancer, you're going to naturally be drawn to styles that reflect your sign. In fact, you probably already have a lot of them in your home! It's smart to add some of these elements to your space if you have your moon, Venus, or rising sign in Cancer, too. Not a Cancer type? You'll still get a major energy boost from incorporating a few of these themes into your decor during Cancer season. It's a win-win for every sign of the zodiac!

Your Cancer Season To-Do List

There are two things Cancers love most of all: friends and food! So during Cancer season, why not invite your crew over for a dinner party? This sign loves to host, no matter what the occasion. Whether it's a casual barbeque by the pool or a multiple-course affair, the stars are aligned for you to make some wonderful new memories with your closest friends.

If you're not sure what to cook, head to the farmers market. Cancers care deeply about food, especially the ingredients that will go into each dish. Picking local fare that's sustainable will make the meal even more satisfying. Our recommendations? Grab some fresh, juicy fruits to incorporate into the desserts, like berries or peaches. Pair them with homemade ice cream, and you're good to go!

In The Entryway

Amber Interiors

For a memorable Cancer entryway, roll out the welcome mat-literally! A beautiful runner makes your space feel more inviting from the first step over the threshold. This sign favors cool tones, so a gentle blue or grey elevates the space while offering the relaxed vibe you're going for. Another option? A woven or bamboo mat creates a peaceful aura that's totally beach-house friendly.В

While you're at it, be sure to add some curves. You could reflect this water sign's fluid nature with round shapes. Think a circular mirror that draws the eye or an oval accent table where you and guests can house your belongings. If you really want to enhance the water element, a small decorative fountain is a beautiful and more literal take on this sign's vibration. Plus, it's said to keep good fortune flowing!

By far, Cancer's favorite color is white, and all its variations. Ivory, cream, or vanilla-painted walls lighten the area while creating a serene atmosphere. It's also the perfect backdrop for a favorite piece of art. If you prefer a more colorful look, accenting with pops of white furniture is a classic Cancer move. If you're looking for both, a light marble console table will make a striking impression.

In The Living Room

Nicole Franzen

In a Cancer home, a cozy couch should be the centerpiece of your living space. This sign is a comfort connoisseur, so it absolutely must be as functional as it is fashionable. Leather or architectural designs might look lovely, but Cancer will skip right over them if it doesn't feel phenomenal. Your best bets? A soft velvet tufted sofa is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Additionally, a chic curved boucle couch is a great contemporary alternative.В

The other key to the Cancer home? Texture. Carry the theme of comfort through with plenty of rugs, throws, and pillows. Bonus points if you opt for faux fur or sheepskin accents. The biggest thing to remember is the space should feel lived in-like you could cozy up in any spot with a cup of coffee and a good book at any time.В

If you want to try out the Cancer vibe before you commit, adding something wicker or rattan will help you capture that beachy feel year-round. Baskets can be great for living-room storage, or a natural fiber pendant light adds some bohemian flair. Looking for something especially unique? An old-school peacock chair or a hanging chair adds unexpected drama.

In The Kitchen

Eye Swoon

Fun fact: Cancer is the zodiac sign associated with cooking. The kitchen is their natural habitat! They treat food preparation as an art, which is why you should always have the best tools of the trade easily accessible. Finely crafted pots and pans can double as decor when you display them on a gorgeous hanging rack. With this setup, you'll be ready to go whenever delicious inspiration strikes.

In the same way, the open shelving trend suits Cancer perfectly. As much as this sign adores the craft of cooking, you've probably collected plenty of beautiful dishware. Opting for glass-front cabinetry or wall shelves is a perfect way to show it off. If that isn't an option, countertop storage is a stylish and practical alternative. With your ingredients readily available in well-organized containers, your setup will always be ready to go.

But Cancers aren't just cooks-this sign loves to bake too. A colorful Kitchen Aid mixer is a welcome sight in any kitchen and will get plenty of mileage, creating treats both savory and sweet. If you want to show off your handiwork, a cake pedestal keeps the vintage look going and makes your creations the centerpiece of any table.

In The Dining Doom

BHDM Design

As one of the zodiac's three water signs, there's nothing Cancer loves more than being by the ocean. The dining room is the perfect place for a statement color, so bring the sea into your home with a watery hue. Try Benjamin Moore's Sea Life, a smokey blue-gray that's neutral and striking, or Sea Star, a warmer seafoam that makes a great backdrop for lively conversation.

If you don't do much formal entertaining, consider turning your dining area into a breakfast nook. Cancers crave privacy, and a quiet moment alone with a smoothie or a cup of coffee is exactly what they need to get the day started right. A smaller table makes the space feel larger while still giving you plenty of room to spread out with your food or tackle your emails to kick off the workday.

Once again, comfort is the highest priority in the Cancer home, so make sure the chairs you choose feel as good as they look. Try something upholstered for an old-school look that's inviting.

In The Office

Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

The most important part of a Cancer home office? Boundaries. This sign thrives in a work-from-home scenario, but it operates best when you give yourself dedicated spaces for work versus play. If you don't have a separate room, specify a wall or a corner that's for work only. This helps you get into the right mindset whenever it's time to get down to business.

That said, the aesthetic of the office should feel like an extension of the rest of the house. Pull the cozy Cancer thread into your workspace or library by choosing warm wood furniture to add a rustic, homestyle touch. Whether it's a bookshelf or a writing table, it adds dimension to the room and keeps it from being too austere.

Cancer is a highly sentimental sign, so take a page out of its book by displaying what you love in your workspace. Every time you look at it, you'll get a boost of motivation that reminds you of the deeper purpose behind your daily grind. We love this rose-gold grid from Urban Outfitters along with matching clips. Keep your family photos front and center, or use magazine clippings to make an inspiring mood board!

In The Bedroom

Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

What's the most essential ingredient to a Cancer bedroom? An incredible comforter, of course! Splurge on a down alternative that's luxe and irresistibly fluffy. While you're at it, make sure the rest of your bedding is top-notch, with high thread-count sheets and supportive pillows. If you still want more softness, a faux fur throw or accent pillow ups the ante.

For an impressive finishing touch, opt for a large, upholstered headboard. Cancers love to craft, so if you're up for a DIY project, try making your own! It's easier than you might think. It's also a great way to fill a big open wall, and built-in shelves can take the place of a nightstand in some cases.

Cancer wants the bedroom to feel like a sanctuary, which is why choosing just the right curtains is essential. A beautiful sheer white curtain lets in morning light for a refreshing vibe. Blackout shades shut out the world so you can get a good night's sleep or some much-needed privacy anytime you need it. If you're anything like this introverted sign, the latter might be your best bet.

In The Bathroom

Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Amber Interiors

Since Cancer rules emotions, you can bet that this sign needs an excellent self-care routine-and what better way to practice self-care than with bath? Whether it's an opulent claw-foot tub or a free-standing oval, choose whatever shape you find most relaxing. Most of all, be sure it's deep enough for you to lounge comfortably with your preferred glass of wine and candle burning! Make sure you keep your favorite supplies nearby too, from bath bombs to essential oils.

If you want to add to the spa ambience, follow the lead of high-end bathrooms everywhere and include a seating area. It's so much easier to do a facial or pedicure when you have a place to perch, whether it's a full-sized chair or a small stool. Cancers love to travel in style, and with this arrangement, you'll feel like you're at your favorite hotel whenever you use it.

Cancers also have a reputation for being amazing hosts, so expect to have lots of visitors during this season! In that spirit, a well-stocked guest bathroom is a must. Show your hospitality by leaving plenty of towels and toiletries for the weary traveler. Plus, keeping extra toilet paper and a fragrant diffuser on hand can prevent any awkward run-ins.В


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