Your Blank Walls Are Begging to Be Decorated With This Inexpensive Art

Your Blank Walls Are Begging to Be Decorated With This Inexpensive Art

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Although ardent minimalists likely prefer crisp white walls as blank as those found in an art gallery in between exhibitions, maximalists tend to take a different approach. Rather than leave walls bare, they fill them with prints, photographs, and paintings that span from floor to ceiling.

If you fall into the latter camp, you may be trying to figure out just how to decorate your home with striking works of art that don't completely drain your savings account. While fine art is often associated with sky-high price tags, there are also plenty of more affordable options.

Whether you turn to up-and-coming artists, affordable retailers, or replicated prints, inexpensive wall art exists-you just have to know where to find it. Ahead, shop our edit of budget-friendly art, perfect for everything from a large gallery wall to a small empty space in your bedroom. Each piece is visually appealing and won't cost you more than $100. Keep scrolling to embrace your curatorial eye.

Curious Darling Coral Banana Plant Art Print $20Shop

If you weren't gifted with a green thumb, you can always introduce a bit of plant life into your home in the form of an affordable print. This work features a banana leaf plant, printed in shades of orange and coral for a muted, soothing look.

Ashley Mary Dotted Spotted Framed Print $65Shop

For a playful, abstract piece of inexpensive wall art, turn your attention to this print created by Minnesota-based artist, designer, and illustrator Ashley Mary.

Ampersand Design Studio Peace $95Shop

Not only is Chasing Paper a destination for fun wallpaper designs, but it also offers a variety of unique wall art, including this black and white print depicting a peace sign. Hang it up in your home to spread a bit of positivity.

Ingrid Beddoes I Love the Sea Art Print $19Shop

No matter where you live, you can turn your home into a beachy oasis with this print created by photographer Ingrid Beddoes. It features a drone shot of the coast of northern Portugal.

Bea Butts $50Shop

If you're not yet familiar, Poster Child Prints is a fantastic resource for original prints. This cheeky creation is fun, playful, and perfect for hanging in the bathroom.

Kristi Kohut Studio Be Bright $20Shop

This colorful print comes from artist Kristi Kohut. It features broad brushstrokes inspired by colors and patterns found in nature. Hang it on a blank wall to stand on its own or add it to your collection as part of a gallery wall.

The Colour Study Woman's Back Line Print $19Shop

If abstraction isn't your thing, this moody depiction of a woman's back may be more your style. A few simple white lines on a black background create the form of a female figure in a cool, graphic way.

Lean Timms Front Door $95Shop

This seemingly simplistic photograph of a Scandinavian front door features a dusty shade of pink that contrasts with a white door and gray steps. It's the work of photographer Lean Timms and would work well with other pieces or on its own.

mpgmb Shape Study #1 $22Shop

Go graphic with this print depicting a variety of odd shapes in different hues of blue, pink, black, and orange. It's just the thing to tie together a modern space that feels like it's missing something.

Honeymoon Hotel Rapper's Delight Art Print $19Shop

For those with a sense of humor and a penchant for 80s hip hop, this text-heavy print features a few iconic lyrics from the song Rapper's Delight. You and your guests would be hard-pressed not to smile every time you walk by this playful piece of inexpensive wall art.

Elizabeth Olwen Ombre V1 $95Shop

Inspired by the sunset, this print designed by Elizabeth Olwen depicts an ombre effect with blue and pink hues. Its soft colors are calming and relaxing, making this print perfect for the bedroom or any other space you use to take some time for yourself at home.

quibe Close on White Art Print $35Shop

This romantic print uses minimalistic lines to portray a couple caught in an embrace and its dreamy quality certainly catches the eye. For a modern look, casually lean it up against the wall on a console table or fireplace mantle instead of hanging it up on the wall.

Gigi Thomas Designs Nostalgia Rainbow Art Print $19Shop

Inspired by 70s-era graphics, this print features a rainbow and circle design that certainly seems like it would be at home on a white ringer t-shirt. Hang it on your wall to set the vibe for a groovy time.

PCP Collection Low Tide $35Shop

This serene beachscape is just the thing that you're blank white walls need. Pastel colors and dynamic tides instantly create a sense of calm.

Elizabeth Olwen Ok, Now Ladies V3 $45Shop

If you could use a bit of female empowerment in your life, simply hang up this piece of wall art depicting two powerful women. It's a fun, graphic, inspiring print worthy of your walls.

Uzualsunday Hello Leopard Art Print $19Shop

In case you missed it, leopard print is very much "in" at the moment. Why not take it one step further by adding a literal leopard print to your home dГ©cor? This piece from Urban Outfitters is wild and colorful, perfect for maximalist spaces.

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