The Best Carry-On Suitcases Will Transform the Way You Travel

The Best Carry-On Suitcases Will Transform the Way You Travel

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As much as getting to your final destination is always worth it, traveling is rarely the most relaxing stress-free endeavor. It often includes getting up at the crack of dawn, schlepping your suitcase down a flight of stairs, into a cab, across an entire airport with escalators, moving walkways, and troublesome carpeting on which suitcases never glide smoothly. Then, it's a wrestle into the overhead bin and down again as people are huffing, puffing, and trying to squeeze past you as they exit the plane.

What makes it worse are zippers that always get jammed, wheels that don't spin, and unrealistically heavy luggage. What makes it better is a light as a feather, smooth-gliding, easy-to-close carry-on suitcase that also charges your phone and your Macbook and is virtually indestructible. Think you might be ready for a luggage upgrade? These are the best carry-on suitcases our editors swear by.

Away Bigger Carry-On $245Shop

If you've wondered why you're seeing so many of these carry-on suitcases at airports lately, it's because they're truly the best. Away makes the largest carry-on that's TSA-approved in an ultra-lightweight hard shell that comes in eight colors. Plus, the suitcase will charge your phone up to four times with its ejectable battery.

Arlo Skye The Polycarbonate Carry-On $450Shop

The brainchild of Tumi and Louis Vuitton execs, this carry-on suitcase has both functionality and style. The zipperless luggage has an interior compression system and a removable battery that will charge even yourВ Macbook.

Andiamo Classico Suitcase $300Shop

The legendary luggage company just rebranded with this sleek carry-on suitcase that comes in three colors. It closes with handy clips featuring TSA-approved locks, and it has a multitude of compartments for the neat freaks among us.

InCase NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller $300Shop

InCase, the company behind your favorite laptop cases, recently revealed a surprisingly smooth smart carry-on that's built on durable quality.

Raden A22 Carry $295Shop

Raden's A22 Carry will charge your phone and uses proximity sensors to locate your luggage wherever it may be. On top of it all, it comes in an array of the prettiest colors, including lilac, navy, and blush pink.

Globe-Trotter Safari Leather-Trimmed Fiberboard Travel Trolley $1610Shop

Like the Rolls-Royce of traveling, Globe-Trotter's leather carry-on suitcase is the ultimate chic travel accessory and will take you back to the golden days ofВ flying.

Tumi International Carry-On Aluminum Suitcase $995Shop

It's not for nothing that Tumi has a stellar reputation when it comes to luggage. This durable aluminum case will handle the biggest shocks when you unexpectedly have to check your bag-and it's Гјber-compartmentalized.

Calpak Ambeur Rolling Spinner Carry-On $135Shop

When it comes down to the value for money, it doesn't get better than Calpak's pretty designs and durability. Get yourself a basic carry on that will last.

Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Cabin Trolley $625Shop

Rimowa is known as the pinnacle of luggage by most frequent travelers, and that's because its bags are lightweight,В they roll very smoothly, and they have handy interior divisions.

Herschel Supply Co. Trade Carry-On in Iceberg $150Shop

Herschel Supply Co. makes great durable carry-on suitcasesВ in muted pastel colors for the sportier types. Besides, the price is pretty hard to beat!

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