If You Only Buy One Item From the New CB2 x Fred Segal Line, This Should Be It

If You Only Buy One Item From the New CB2 x Fred Segal Line, This Should Be It

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It only takes one glance atВ CB2's new collaboration with Californian fashion brand Fred Segal to visualize the products in situ. Cloud-like outdoor sofas would look picture-perfect under the dappled shade of an L.A. palm tree, while garden games are perfect entertainment for guests jumping from the pool to grass. "We were inspired by the feeling you might get if you were sitting poolside at the Hollywood Hills in the '70s," CB2's Managing Director Ryan Turf tells MyDomaine. "We also pulled from the bright optimism of the '70s with decadent fields of white accented by brass cactus imagery, which felt authentic to the California daydream we wanted to re-create," adds Alice Ann Wilson from Fred Segal.

Launching today, the furniture and dГ©cor line is the second collaboration between the two brands, which melds CB2's craftsmanship with Fred Segal's Cali-cool aesthetic. "We were able to combine our expertise in outdoor furniture design with Fred Segal's fashion approach to make a sleek and fun yet functional collection," says Turf. And fun it is: Spanning outdoor furniture, tableware, pool floats, and garden games, the line celebrates "home entertainment and life outside of the office."

While asking a designer to choose their favorite product is often like asking a parent to compare children, Turf admits he does have a standout pick. "The pool float is one of my favorite pieces from the collection," he says. "It's a fresh and unique take on a summer essential." Mark our words: You're about to see this rainbow, Jolly Rancher-like float splashed across your Instagram feed for months to come.

CB2 Terrazzo White Serving Pieces $60Shop

These Terrazzo entertaining supplies signal a mounting trend. "I'm a big fan of Terrazzo and have incorporated it into both our Fred Segal collaborations and our Spring 2018 collection," says Turf. "The Terrazzo serving pieces are perfect for summer entertaining and fit the elevated aesthetic of the entire collection."

CB2 Sunset Teak Lounge Chair $699Shop

What happens when a fashion house partners with a dГ©cor brand? It creates the perfect balance between quality and design, says Turf. "We used FSC teak wood in an outdoor lounge chair. All materials are designed for the outdoors but with an elevated feel so it could look good indoors or out."

CB2 Succulent Sunprint Fringe Throw $90Shop

This pop-bright orange throw is the perfect accessory when the sun sinks after a long day by the pool.

CB2 White Sofa $1199Shop

Want to ensure this crisp white sofa looks new for years? Turf says a few things can prolong the life of the outdoor furniture. "I always recommend that customers cover their furniture when it's not being used and store indoors during bad weather. We design our furniture to last for years, and we used the same techniques when creating this collaboration."

CB2 Pool Party Float $80Shop

All hail the new It float of the year. This candy-like rainbow float just begs to be Instagrammed.

CB2 Beach Towel $40Shop

The collection spans beach towels too, including this striped one in Fred Segal's signature colors.

CB2 Side Table $229Shop

"We used solid cast aluminum with antique finish on this side table," says Turf, a durable material to offer longevity.

CB2 Pool Party Chair $599Shop

Every detail matters to the CB2 design team. "Outdoor fabrics woven with subtle texture" give sofas and lounge chairs an elevated look.

CB2 Outdoor Rug $249Shop

This navy-and-white stripe rug is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

CB2 Blue Velvet Sofa $2299Shop

Dial up the luxe look with this navy velvet upholstered sofa.

CB2 Melamine Dinnerware $6Shop

Outdoor tableware doesn't have to be bland. These red, blue, and white salad plates are made from melamine to survive an inevitable drop.

CB2 Bocce Set $159Shop

Fun and games take center stage in the collection. This chic bocce set is sure to get the garden party started.

CB2 Beach Towel $40Shop

A few bold graphics punctuate the block colors in the collaboration, like this red lip beach towel.

CB2 Outdoor Pillow $40Shop

Woven outdoor pillows add color and texture to a plain sofa.В

CB2 Coffee Table $699Shop

This cactus-like coffee table hints to Fred Segal's California roots.

CB2 Brass Table Lamp $299Shop

Segal and CB2 continue the plant motifs introduced in their first collaboration with this brass cacti lamp.

CB2 Barware $8Shop

Put an end to broken glass by the pool with these cool striped tumblers.

CB2 Melamine Dinnerware $8Shop

Graphic and elevated, these melamine plates sum up the Fred Segal aesthetic.

CB2 Outdoor Pillow $60Shop

This blue throw cushion works with almost any navy or neutral sofa.


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