Inside a Skincare Studio in L.A. That Exudes California-Cool Vibes

Inside a Skincare Studio in L.A. That Exudes California-Cool Vibes

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Courtesy of Heyday

Oftentimes, dermatologistВ offices can feel sterile, cold, and uninviting. Thankfully, this is not the case withВ Heyday skincare's Los Angeles flagship store. Formerly only accessible to the New York set, the personalized skincare studio dedicated toВ helping people feel comfortable in their own skin has now opened its chic-to-death doors in the heart of Southern California.

As this was Heyday's first shop outside of New York, the director of store design, Madeline Hemingway, embraced the colors of the Southern California landscape. "I wanted to use dusky neutrals that fit our brand aesthetic and play into key elements of L.A.," Hemingway told MyDomaine. "By using colors and textures like the seafoam green of the treatment room curtains and the sand-inspired tan paint in the treatment rooms, we hope to create a welcoming, relaxing spot to get a facial."

Keep scrolling to take a tour of Heyday skincare's stunning Los Angeles studio. Prediction: The cool, rattan-clad space will transport you to sunny California.

Courtesy of Heyday

Hemingway wanted the reception area to exude a warm and inviting vibe. "We brought desert colors into this space to highlight some of the natural elements in California," she explained. "I was obsessed with having a fully tiled front desk, so once we found this burnt orange tile, we made sure to have it pop."

Walter Painted Walter $395Shop Courtesy of Heyday

When thinking about the directive for the studio's design, Hemingway wanted to create a space where clientsВ could easily relax. "When anyone walks into Heyday, we want them to feel calm and supported," she told MyDomaine. "We aimed to do this by creating a gender-neutral, welcoming space where clients could feel at ease prior to their treatment," Hemingway explained. "Since upward of 40% of our clients are getting a facial for the first time when they come to see us, we wanted to remove that intimidation factor that comes when visiting a traditional spa," she added.

Naturopathica Rose Geranium Soothing Mist $32Shop Courtesy of Heyday

"This location is the first shop where we separated our retail area from our treatment area, which allowed the treatment area to be a total relaxation zone and the front desk area to be a great space to chit-chat with your skin therapist or a host after a facial,"В said Hemingway. The custom shelves "make shopping our scientifically advanced and clean products super easy," she added. "We're so happy with the rows of lights under each shelf, which adds warmth to the room as it gets darker outside."

Prevention+ SPF 50 Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer $39Shop Courtesy of Heyday

A few steps away, the indoor waiting roomВ is a placeВ where clientsВ can relax and fill out some quick paperwork before their first appointment, explains Hemingway. Natural textures lend the space California cool vibes, but a statement-making macrame wall hanging steals the spotlight. "I've had my eyes on this tasseled piece for a while now, so I was thrilled to incorporate it into this shop where it gets so much love," Hemingway confessed.

Dharma Door Jumbo Jute Macrame Wall Hanging $385ShopUpton Henge $165Shop Courtesy of Heyday

The space also "features a print from the cutest shop in Silverlake, LAKE, and my favorite Serena and Lily chairs," Hemingway adds. "I had custom cushions made from a Schumacher fabric that is based on one of Frank Lloyd Wright's original drawings."

Serena & Lily Venice Rattan Chair $498ShopCB2 Dune Amber and Brown Rug $249Shop Courtesy of Heyday

Walking into the treatment area, youВ get a sense of the great bones of the building. "The spaceВ was originally an auto body shop, so we wanted to keep the bones of the building, like large windows, garage doors, wide doorways, while transforming it into a super calming and relaxing space," Hemingway told MyDomaine. "The beamed ceilings give us so much height and allow all of the natural light to flow in," she explains.

Serena & Lily Braided Abaca Rug $398Shop Courtesy of Heyday

In the treatment rooms, Hemingway sourced affordable prints fromВ Society6. "We have a fantastic trained team of skin therapists who work their magic every day to help us all put our best faces forward," said the director of store design. "So we wanted to give each treatment room its own personality with a unique piece of artwork."

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover $42Shop Courtesy of Heyday

One of the best parts of the space is, hands down, the patio. "Being New Yorkers, we are so deprived of outdoor space so we jumped at the chance to incorporate a gorgeous patio into our shop," explained Hemingway. Furnished with rattan pieces, the outdoor space embraces California's quintessential laid-back style.

Serena & Lily Capistrano Outdoor Daybed $2498Shop Courtesy of Heyday

The Instagram-worthy wall mural lends the space a welcome pop of color. "We enlisted super-talented artistВ Steph Rager to create this mural for us," Hemingway told MyDomaine. "The design is based on a terrazzo pattern by DZEK studio that I am obsessed with. Steph re-created it at a large scale in our Heyday brand colors."

Mural paint colors are all from Benjamin Moore: Dijon 193, Scenic Drive 697, Van Deusen Blue HC 156, San Carlos Tan 1207, and Bayshore Beige 1079

Tracey Boyd Poolside Indoor/Outdoor Daybed $1698 $1200Shop Courtesy of Heyday

"Every time it rains in New York, we joke that we're going to move our NY-based support team to L.A. so that we can work on this patio," Hemingway says, half-jokingly. "We've been hosting tons of events (from morning yoga to panels at night) on it ever since opening, so keep your eyes peeled for the next one!"

Tracey Boyd Poolside Indoor/Outdoor Chair $798 $400Shop Courtesy of Heyday


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