Micro Makeover: How to Upgrade Your Coffee Table This Weekend

Micro Makeover: How to Upgrade Your Coffee Table This Weekend

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Fredric Boukari

What is your current coffee table situation? Is it perfectly curated, overflowing with unread magazines, or just a little bit sad? It's easy to spend weeks (maybe even years!) searching for the perfect accent table for your space-the size needs to be right, the shape needs to work with the rest of your furniture, the material needs to stand out-but once you find the one, you need to nurture it. It is,В after all, the focal point of your living room. We recommend adorning it with pretty accents while making sure to keep it functional and edit out the unnecessary. How do you use your living room-is it for lazy days of Netflix binges, hosting cocktail parties, or playing board games? Simply match your needs with one of the styles below, and you've got yourself a curated coffee table in no time.

Manuel Rodriguez via One Kings Lane

“More is more” is your motto. You don't believe in Konmari-in fact, you'd rather keep your mementos for a lifetime. If your walls are stacked with art and bookcases filled with books, keep your coffee table as simple as possible-even lucid-and let your precious objects shine. Layer your favorite coffee table with books, vases, treasure boxes, and pretty matchbooks to light your favorite candles.

Fredric Boukari

You love moody but minimal Scandinavian interiors. You effortlessly mix vintage pieces with sleek design elements and high/low pieces. Start with a vintage steamer trunk, then layer it with your favorite objects: brass candelabras, pineapple tumblers, design books, and colorful vases.

Courtesy of Studio Oink

You need your space to be edited and serene: white floors, white walls, and a white ceiling. Pick a set of coffee tray tables with super-clean lines, and decorate with simple black, white, and metallic accents. Finish off the look with sculptural stems and a small stack of your favorite design magazines.

Alex Profit via Marie-Claire Maison

You treat your interiors like a work of art, and everything in your home is carefully edited. Each object looks great on its own, but the whole point is for them to play off each other to create an interesting whole. Look for unusual colors and shapes in both your coffee table and the accents you choose to decorate it with. Mix curvy shapes with geometrics and pastels with bold colors.

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