Skip the Oven: Try These 9 Easy No-Bake Desserts

Skip the Oven: Try These 9 Easy No-Bake Desserts

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When hot summer weather is in full force, the last thing you want to do is add more heat to your home by cranking up the oven. That means many of your favorite desserts like cookies, cake, and brownies may seem (slightly) less appealing than normal. However, warm temperatures don't have to keep you from enjoying a sweet treat every now and then. All you have to do is get a bit creative and turn to some delicious and easy no-bake desserts.

While ice cream is an obvious summertime indulgence, you can also whip up no-bake cheesecakes, tarts, and lemon bars, just to name few warm weather friendly options. Take a page from Carrie Bradshaw's book and leave your oven to act as extra closet space this summer because these easy desserts don't require any baking. You'll be making these nine no-bake recipes all season long.

Raspberry Shortcake Ricotta Ice Cream

Half Baked Harvest

This list wouldn't be complete without a game-changing homemade ice cream recipe. The ultimate summer treat, this raspberry shortcake ricotta ice cream tastes as gourmet as it sounds, but even a cooking novice can whip up a batch of this refreshing dessert with ease. Simply blend together ingredients like ricotta cheese, honey, vanilla, and lemon zest before stirring in fresh raspberries and crumbled biscuits you can easily pick up from the market.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Peanut Butter Bars

Chelsea's Messy Apron

These no-bake peanut butter bars call for just five ingredients: butter, graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Create a sweet, peanut butter mixture and top with melted chocolate and even more peanut butter. Let the combination harden at room temperature before popping a tray in the refrigerator to chill.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Black Forest Cheesecake

Melanie Makes

Chocolate lovers, rejoice-you can still enjoy an indulgent chocolate dessert without so much as preheating the oven. This black forest cheesecake layers an Oreo pie crust with a chocolatey whipped mixture and cherry pie filling. Take this recipe to the next level and top with chocolate curls made with a vegetable peeler and a candy bar.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

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Vanilla Cake Bites

Minimalist Baker

Not only are these vanilla cake bites an easy-to-make no-bake treat, they're also secretly healthy. They're made of just six simple ingredients like dates, walnuts, and coconut for a naturally sweet and energizing dessert. Create a fine mixture in a food processor and then use a cookie scooper to roll the dough into balls and store in the refrigerator.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

White Chocolate Strawberry Tart

Sugar Salted

A refreshing, summer dessert, this white chocolate strawberry tart would make the perfect final course for a dinner served outside on a warm evening. Whip together melted white chocolate, heavy cream, and vanilla to make a light and fluffy filling to sit on top of a buttery graham cracker crust. Top with fresh strawberries and chill before serving.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Healthy Cookies

Chelsea's Messy Apron

These chocolate and peanut butter no-bake cookies will set you back just 15 minutes and double as a healthy(ish) snack. They're easily made with peanut butter, old-fashioned oats, chocolate chips, and shredded coconut. After stirring together the mixture, scoop spoonfuls of the sticky dessert into a muffin tin so they keep their shape.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

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Paleo Lemon Bars

Food Faith Fitness

Nothing says summer quite like lemons-whether in a crisp lemonade or in these no-bake paleo lemon bars. A healthier dessert option, these bars are gluten-, grain-, refined sugar-, and dairy-free. Make the crust with raw cashews and dates, and then use more raw cashews, fresh lemon juice, honey, and lemon zest to make the creamy topping. You'll be left with a light, tangy dessert that will hit the spot on a hot day.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Pretzel Turtles

Foodie Crush

Make these pretzel turtles for a sweet and salty dessert to give you all the flavors of a traditional turtle brownie without turning on the oven. Use caramels, pretzels, chocolate, and nuts from the store to create this treat in no time at all. You'll be left with savory, indulgent bites everyone will love.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Caramel Macchiato Cake

Melanie Makes

For those who enjoy an iced caramel macchiato in the morning, this dessert is the ultimate sweet, combining rich, aromatic coffee flavors with a light pudding texture, and hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The recipe calls for a graham cracker crust and a caramel macchiato pudding whipped cream center that's layered with more graham crackers. Drizzle with caramel sauce and serve with ice cream for a serious indulgence.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

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Try your hand at these easy no-bake desserts to beat the heat the summer. Which recipe will you try first?


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