This $45 Sleeping Mask Is the Answer, Whatever Your Skincare Question

This $45 Sleeping Mask Is the Answer, Whatever Your Skincare Question

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Though we look forward to curling up by the fire with a great read, serving up ladlefuls of crazy-delicious soups, and all the other wonderful activities that come with winter, the one thing we could do without is the effect the snowy season has on our skin. Between bone-chilling temperatures, biting wind, and moisture-zapping indoor heating, winter, without fail, leaves our skin especially thirsty. In search of tried-and-true remedies to revive our dull, dry skin, we turned to Sephora's trusty review section to find the skin-brightening face masks that are actually top shelf-worthy. After all, who better to trust than the people who have put these products to the test? Scroll on to shop the radiance-boosting miracle workers that are getting us through winter, including a $45 sleeping mask with a cult following that lives up to the hype.

Fashion Me Now Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer $58Shop

The Stats:В 4.7 stars, 30K loves, 413 reviews

The Active Ingredients:В Exfoliating pumpkin enzymes, brighteningВ alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), and polishing aluminum oxide crystals effectively rejuvenateВ lackluster skin.

The Promising Review:В "I am experiencing dry and dull skin due to the bitter winter weather we've been experiencing. I tried this stuff in an effort to try to combat the minor flaking and get back to my glowing skin. After ONE use, I saw my complexion improved and one small zit that was trying to come through was completely gone (no joke) by morning! I FINALLY found a 'mask' that exfoliates and really delivers on its promise!" -В sham742

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial $80Shop

The Stats:В 4.5 stars, 80K loves, 611 reviews

The Active Ingredients:В Chickpea flour is called out as the main skin-brightening ingredientВ on the label of this aptly named mask from one of skincare's leading all-natural brands.

The Promising Review:В "I noticed immediate results after using this. My pores appeared nonexistent. My skin was smooth and radiant. My wrinkles were significantly diminished. My skin felt firmer and tighter. My make up laid beautifully. This peel is transformational. I love it!" -В Spyretta

Dr. Brandt Skincare Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask $70Shop

The Stats:В 4.5 stars, 9K loves, 106 reviews

The Active Ingredients:В Liposome-encapsulated oxygen and peptide from Moringa seeds give dull skin a much-needed radiance boost in less than five minutes.

The Promising Review:В "I am so happy with this product. I couldn't believe my eyes when I washed it off. My skin looked more even and brighter. My skin is very sensitive and acne- prone. I had no negative reactions to this product. This isВ keeperВ for me!" -В lolly75

Algenist Algae Brightening Mask $62Shop

The Stats:В 4.5 stars, 5K loves, 111 reviews,

The Active Ingredients:В Algae extracts, along with chunks of real sea kelp, exfoliate, detox, and nourish skinВ forВ a brighter, clearer complexion.

The Promising Review:В "Honestly, the BEST MASK I've ever used. Not only does it really brighten the skin, it makes it feel silky smooth, too. Hands down, the best mask ever! Wish I could give it more stars!!!" -В radicalrebeck

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask $55Shop

The Stats:В 4.4 stars, 30K loves, 1114 reviews

The Active Ingredients:В A potent combination of AHAs, including glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid, help slough away dead skin and boost skin's natural collagen production to improve radiance, firmness, and texture.

The Promising Review:В "I absolutely love this mask. It leaves my skin completely clean, and glowing, and shrinks pores, as well as gives my skin a brighter, clearer tone, as it corrects any pigmentation or redness. After just one application the color of my skin was brighter and more luminous. The more I use it, the nicer my skin becomes, as it helps to regenerate the cell renewal process, love it!" -В Raquel04

Belif First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask $34Shop

The Stats:В 4.4 stars, 10K loves, 60 reviews

The Active Ingredients:В Gold powder (yes, that's right,В goldВ powder) is one of the main ingredients in this radiance-boosting mask that promises glowing results overnight.

The Promising Review:В "I have sensitive skin and have searched for years for an overnight lotion/mask that doesn't irritate my face. This is the product I have been searching for. I have used this mask every night for a month and the improvementsВ toВ my skin are amazing. My face appears more energized and bright when I wake up in the morning. This is a miracle mask!" -В kaiterin

Farmacy Honey Potion $56Shop

The Stats:В 4.3 stars, 30K loves, 507 reviews

The Active Ingredients:В Honey, produced specifically by bees on the brand's farm, lends hydrating, purifying, and skin-renewing qualities to this splurge-worthy mask.

The Promising Review:В "Normally I'd have to go see my esthetician to get a glow this good, but now I have this product at home to use whenever I want!! I literally went back to Sephora to buy the full sized bottle two days after trying it. It's that good!" -В SuperStarr56

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask $45Shop

The Stats:В 4.2 stars, 90K loves, 696 reviews

The Active Ingredients:В Soothing watermelon extract, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and brightening peony root are the ingredients that make this sleeping mask a consistent Sephora best seller.

The Promising Review:В "Although I only used a sample-sized portion of this mask, I got a full feel for its capabilities by stretching out my sample over five uses. And WOW was I pleased with the results. For starters, it smells delicious-like real watermelon. Every morning, I woke up with bright, luminous skin that didn't seem like it needed makeup. LOVE THIS and will definitely be purchasing the full size soon." -В izzypop

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask $62Shop

The Stats:В 3.9 stars, 20K loves, 388 reviews

The Active Ingredients:В Filled with vibrancy-boosting fruit acids from oranges, lemons, and clementines, this mask gently exfoliates skin to reveal a glowing complexion after 10 minutes.

The Promising Review:В "I feel like this mask is a smoothie for my face. After I rinsed it off, my skin was visibly brighter. I don't have many dark spots, but my face seemed more healthy." -В chiefette88

Ed. note: Reviews have been editedВ for length and clarity.

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