Inside Leandra Medine's Eclectic Manhattan Loft

Inside Leandra Medine's Eclectic Manhattan Loft

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The sartorial maximalist behind the witty fashion website Man Repeller has invited Architectural Digest inside her New York City home, and we're happy she did. Leandra Medine and husband Abie Cohen moved into the empty Manhattan loft late last year when Medine was four months pregnant. With a strict deadline in mind, the couple enlisted the help ofВ Decorist, a site that pairs clients with interior designers, to get the job done quickly.

"I knew we had to get everything done before I entered my third trimester because I was a fire-breathing dragon during my pregnancy," Medine jokingly told the magazine. "It's OK to dress absurdly since you take clothes off at the end of the day. But when you're buying furniture, you don't want to get peanut-butter syndrome-you know, when you eat so much you suddenly can't stand it."

The two worked with Mat Sanders of the design firm Consort and Decorist creative director Jessica McCarthy to curate their dream home, ultimately embracing color and comfort over Medine's initial direction of Scandinavian minimalism. "What I ended up with was this very French, very eclectic mix," said Medine, which reflects her personal style. "Dressing for me has always been about individual satisfaction."

Step inside Leandra Medine's New York City loft, and shop the look below (her living room rug is from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines!).

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