Everything You Need to Become a Master Florist

Everything You Need to Become a Master Florist

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Going to the florist and picking up a fresh bouquet for your home each week is a pricey habit. However, with a bit of practice, you can achieve similar results at home using the flowers in your garden for a fraction of the cost. Flower arranging is all-around a useful skill and fun hobby. An investment in the correct tools upfront will allow you to save in the long run-plus, a homemade bouquet makes for the perfect gift for almost all scenarios.

The right materials can make or break your homemade bouquet. It's impossible to create an arrangement of roses that defies gravity, for example, without the right support structure in the vase. Below are the tools we wouldn't touch a stem without.

Terrain All-Purpose Pruner $38Shop

It's crucial to have a set of pruners that can handle everything from a thick branch to a delicate stem. These have a chrome plating to resist rust and sap.

Terrain Floral Garden Apron $28Shop

Nothing is more aggravating than when you can't find your tools, so keep them close with an attractive apron.

Ashland Pin Frog $6Shop

Floral frogs are placed at the bottom of vases to stick the ends of stems into (a more eco-friendly version of floral foam). They can be adhered to the bottom of the vase with floral clay.

Ashland Galvanized Chicken Wire $8Shop

Cover the top of a vase with a layer of chicken wire to help your stems stay upright, or make a ball of chicken wire and adhere itВ to the base of the vase with floral clay. This will give you a nice support structure to put your flowers into.

Panacea Products Floral Clay $4Shop

Before you put water into your vase, affix any floral frogs or chickenwire support structures with waterproof floral clay. It'll keep them in place as you work on your bouquet.

Amazon Floral Tape $6Shop

Floral tape is essential for crafting boutonnieres, floral crowns, corsages, and more. All it takes is a nice wrapping of floral tape to keep a few stems together.

Modern Sprout Glass and Brass Mister $28Shop

Keeping your flowers properly watered is the most important thing. Plants like hydrangea, maidenhair fern, and orchids like a light misting.

Magnolia Small Gardening Scissors $22Shop

Although a set of pruners is a florist's best bud, some more delicate scissors are good for daintier stems.

Victorinox Swiss Army Floral Knife $24Shop

Cleaning the extra leaves off stems is a lot easier when you have a knife as sharp as this one.

Zenport Thorn Leaf Stripper $7Shop

Save yourself a pricked finger by investing in a thorn stripper. Roses have finally met their match.

Oasis Clear Floral Tape $10Shop

Overlap strips of clear floral tape on top of a vase (like a pie crust) to make a supportive grid for stems.

Darice 22-Gauge Paddle Wire $3Shop

Making a flower crown? You'll need to start with some wire. It can also be wrapped around delicate stems to keep them upright.

Menu & Jan Kochanski Sweeper + Funnel $65Shop

Keep your workspace tidy with a dustpan and brush. The handle of this one acts as a funnel to dispense of whatever is collected in its pan.


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