Step Inside an Actress's Cozy and Eclectic Living Room

Step Inside an Actress's Cozy and Eclectic Living Room

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Actress Floriana Lima (who you might recognize from The CW's show Supergirl) recently moved intoВ a new home-a Craftsman house in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park-offering her a blank canvas when it came to decorating. She worked with interior designerВ Ginny MacdonaldВ and online home dГ©cor brandВ Lulu & GeorgiaВ to bring the space together in a way that was true to her style.

"We wanted it to feel cozy, charming, and eclectic," Macdonald tells MyDomaine, and that's exactly the look they achieved. The finished living room feels comfortable and lived in with elegant touches and just the right amount of color. While the off-white walls keep the space neutral, a rich green velvet sofa and a distressed cherry-colored rug offer a lovely balance of hues. Get a closer look inside the actress's new digs below, and shop her style while you're at it.

Lauren Pressey Photography DESIGN: Ginny Macdonald

"Floriana recently moved into the house so it was a completely fresh start," Macdonald explains. The only original design element of the home is the wall color, which was part of the real estate staging. "We both loved that is wasn't the stark white you see everywhere and it made the space feel warm and cozy," she continues.В

Lulu and Georgia Andie Coffee Table in Walnut $748Shop Lauren Pressey Photography DESIGN: Ginny Macdonald

According to Macdonald, their greatest find was the sofa. "I wanted something that felt elegant and classic but also allowed for Floriana to throw off her shoes, relax, and be comfy," she says.

Lulu and Georgia Fabienne Velvet Sofa in Green $2604Shop Lauren Pressey Photography DESIGN: Ginny Macdonald

The biggest challenge of the space? Finding a rug that wouldВ properly fit into the layout. "The room is a slightly awkward size," Macdonald explains. "The front door is directly opposite the sofa so we couldn't really do a larger rug because the door would open up onto it and get caught." That's how they ended up with this smaller patternedВ rug that fits just right.

Lulu and Georgia Sauri Rug in Cherry $155Shop Lauren Pressey Photography DESIGN: Ginny Macdonald

"The recessed nook was the perfect spot for a built-in so we added a bookcase with seeded glass door fronts," Macdonald tells MyDomaine. "We wanted it to feel like it was original to the house but had a modern twist to it."

Lauren Pressey Photography DESIGN: Ginny Macdonald

Along with the velvet sofa, Macdonald is a fan of the teardrop sconces over the bookcase. "The size and scale are perfect and have a good balance of quaint old world meets modern-day," the designer points out.

Lulu and Georgia Eberta Sconce in Brass $415Shop Lauren Pressey Photography DESIGN: Ginny Macdonald

Macdonald is known for the fresh blue tones she typically uses in her projects but she opted for earthy greens and warm reds for this living room instead. "Floriana was really open to adding color," she explains. "This was a fun challenge to break the mold yet doesn't feel off-brand for me," Macdonald continues.

Lulu and Georgia Jovanna Floor Lamp in Gold $476Shop Lauren Pressey Photography DESIGN: Ginny Macdonald

The contemporary home is filled with charming details, something Macdonald was especially happy with. "Despite it being an American Craftsman house, it has a quaint English cottage vibe about it, which I obviously love being from the UK," she says.

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