The Most Beautiful Swedish Baby Names (You'll Want to Steal These)

The Most Beautiful Swedish Baby Names (You'll Want to Steal These)

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It's no secret thatВ Scandinavian style is having a moment. From the sheepskin hide on your bedroom floor to that dark rye bread you had for lunch to minimalistic clothing in your IKEA closet: Everything that's popular in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway seems to reach our shores.В What you may not have noticed is that Swedish baby names are roaringly popular at the moment too.В

From Agnes to Axel to Elsa, names that are topping the charts in Sweden tend to be traditional yet slightly quirky-trends that have been on the upswing themselves in recent years.В Many of them are traditionally Swedish; others are Anglo-Saxon monikers that Swedes have embraced.В If the region's ability to predict design, fashion, and food trends are any indication, these names will be huge in 2017. Hej Sweden organized a list of the top Swedish baby names. Take a look at the top 100 baby names that Swedish moms adore below.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

1. Adrian

Derived from the Latin "AdriДЃnus," Adrian is a popular baby name choice in Sweden. A number of famous individuals bear the name, including past popes; basketball players Adrian Beltre, Adrian BranchВ and Adrian Caldwell; and tennis player Adrian Garcia.В

2. Agata

Agata is derived from the Greek "AgathД“," which means "good" and "kind." The Swedish variation of the name holds the meaning "pure," and is usually given to baby girls.

3. Agnes

This nostalgic name, which is also Greek, means "pure" or "holy."В In 2011, actor couple Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany called their daughter Agnes. (And that's a soft "e," by the way: The pronunciation is "Ag-ness," not "Ag-neez.")

4. Albin

Pronounced "AHL-been," the name Albin is a Swedish baby name growing in popularity for young boys.

5. Alice

A perennial favorite, Alice often tops the baby names list for most common names in Sweden. The compound name has evolved over the years to mean "noble one."

6. Alexander

A global favorite, Alexander is a common choice for baby boys in Sweden. The name, originating from the Greeks, means "defender of man."

7. Alva

While this Old Norse name means "female elf," it is gender neutral and is used for both boys and girls. The most famous male bearer of the name had it as his middle name: Thomas Alva Edison.

8. Anton

Derived from the Roman name Antonius, Anton is a common name for boys in Sweden. Meaning "worthy of admiration or praise," the name can take various forms in other countries. Swedish hockey player Anton Forsberg is one of the many famous athletes named Anton.

9. Aron

Pronounced "A-rЙ™n," the name Aron is derived from the Hebrew "aharЕЌn," which means "the exalted one."

10. Arvid

This traditional, nature-inspired name is popular in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. It's derived from the old Norse elements arn for "eagle" and viГ°r for "tree." The name is pronounced "Ah-RVahD." (If you have high academic aspirations for your bub, you'll be pleased to note that it rhymes with Harvard.)

11. Asta

While it can be a nickname for the name "Astrid," Asta is often a popular Swedish name all on its own.

12. Astrid

While not as common in the U.S., Astrid is a popular name in Europe, particularly in Scandinavian countries. Meaning "divine beauty," Astrid comes from the Old Norse ГЃssfriД‘r, a compound name of "god" and "beautiful." While numerous influential individuals have been named Astrid, perhaps the best known is Astrid Lindgren, the author and creator of Pippi Longstocking.

13. Axel

Yes, it's pronounced "AK-sel"; there are no tricky silent letters here, luckily.

We're particularly fond of this name because of its sweet meaning: "father of peace." And it seems we're not the only ones who love it. Funnyman Will Ferrell's son is named Axel Ferrell while athlete Tiger Woods's son is named Charlie Axel Woods. (Sidenote: Charlie is also a hugely popular name in Sweden, so it seems the golfer had a theme in mind with this baby name.)

14. Carin

15. Claes

A Swedish version of the name Nicholas, Claes means "people's triumph." It is a popular masculine name that has withstood the test of time. Pronounced "KLAHS," notable individuals named Claes include artist Claes Oldenburg.

16. Clara

17. Colin

Popular in Sweden, Colin is a name that also means "people's triumph."

18. Cornelia

While it originates from the Latin "horn," Cornelia routinely hits the most popular names charts in Sweden. Writers Cornelia Funke, Cornelia Hoogland, and Corneila Amiri are notable people with the name.

19. Dahlia

This floral name is a nod to pioneering Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. The name Dahlia was chosen by Canadian food celebrity Gail Simmons for her daughter-but even more compellingly, Dahlia is a floral choice that isn't overdone, nor softВ or wishy-washy.

20. Dante

21. Ebba

Meaning "strong," Ebba is the feminine version of the name Ebbe, which routinely ranks among the most common names in Sweden.

22. Egil

23. Elias

24. Elin

25. Elina

26. Elsa

This name doubled in popularity from 2014 to 2015 due to the popularity of the animated film Frozen-but guess what? It's a traditional Swedish name that sitsВ at the top of the popular Swedish names list. Model Elsa Pataky also bears the name, in case you're wondering why you've seen it on a best dressed list recently.

27. Elvira

28. Emil

29. Emilia

While it means "rival," Emilia is a beloved feminine name Swedish parents often choose. While it appears to be the same as the name Amelia, the name has a different root and meaning. Amelia comes from a German root which means "work."

30. Felix

31. Gabriel

32. Greger

33. Hanna

34. Hedda

35. Hasse

36. Hilda

37. Hugo

38. Ida

39. Isak

40. Ivar

41. Jonna

42. Josef

43. Juni

44. Kajsa

45. Lotta

46. Loui

47. Luna

48. Leo

In Sweden, Leo isn't just a shortening of Leonardo. It's a standalone name used for both boys and girls, and its use in Sweden dates back to 1753. Its original Latin meaning is "lion"-so the name has both playful and majestic connotations.

49. Leon

50. Levi

51. Eira

52. Liam

53. Linnea

While it's the name of a Swedish flower, Linnea is derived from the name of Swedish scientist Karl von LinnГ©, who is credited with the Linnean classification system for plants and animals. The name has two pronunciations: "li-NAY-Й™" and "LI-nee-Й™."

54. Linus

55. Loke

56. Love

57. Maja

Popular in Scandinavian and Slavic countries, Maja is derived from the Greek "Maia," who was the mother of Hermes. Swedish singer Maja Ivarsson bears the name.

58. Malte

59. Margareta

60. Marta

61. Matilda

62. Matteo

63. Mikkel

64. Mila

65. Milo

66. Minna

67. Mira

68. My

69. Neo

70. Nils

71. Noah

Number 13 on Sweden's popular baby name list is used widely across Scandinavia. It's also occasionally used as a girl's name in Sweden and Denmark.


72. Noel

73. Nora

74. Nova

75. Maximilian

76. Mio

77. Olivia

A traditional English name, Olivia (meaning "symbol of peace") has been appropriated by both Swedes and Americans alike.

Athlete Lance Armstrong, musician Eddie Vedder, and actors Al Pacino, James Van Der Beek, Denzel Washington, and Ben Stiller have all fallen in love with this name-each calling their daughter Olivia. With its kind, classic connotations, we can see why.

78. Omar

79. Otto

80. Oskar

While the spelling with a K is traditional in Scandinavia, the English spelling of Oscar nevertheless remains on the top-20 list in Sweden. Actors Hugh Jackman and Gillian Anderson both chose to give their sons this name, which means "God's spear" or "divine spear."

81. Olander

82. Olle

83. Peder

84. Sanna

85. Sebastian

86. Siri

87. Stella

This chic name, meaning "star," was originally Latin but later became popular in England. It was eventually snapped up by the Swedes and isВ also hugely popular among celebrities, with actors Harvey Keitel, Matt Damon, Tori Spelling, Ellen Pompeo, and Antonio Banderas-plus Beatle Paul McCartney-all bestowing the name on their respective daughters.

88. Stefan

89. Strom

90. Signe

91. Tage

92. Thea

93. Theo

94. Tilde

95. Ulla

96. Vera

Commonly considered to come from the Russian "faith" or Latin "true," Vera is a feminine name that frequently graces the Swedish top 100 names list. American fashion designer Vera Wang is a notable individual with the name.

97. Ville

98. Vide

99. Viktor

100. Wilma


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This story was originally published on November 29, 2016, and has since been updated.