Our 29 Favorite Wes Anderson-Inspired DГ©cor Picks

Our 29 Favorite Wes Anderson-Inspired DГ©cor Picks

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Other than holiday classics and favorite rom-coms, there are a handful of moviesВ that you watch over and over, like Wes Anderson films. From the charming, boyish love story of Moonrise Kingdom to theВ wanderlust brotherly escapades of The Darjeeling Limited, each film reveals an intricately curated universe, each quirkier than the next. Each scene is a visual feast for the eye. Take for example the following distinguishing characteristics that tie all of his films together:

Past Sensibilities

"There is a sheen of antiquity in all his films," a Screen Rant article writes. Hand in hand with Anderson's love for nostalgia, have you noticed that his films all take place in time periods before the current day? As such, film set dГ©cor helps set the tone distinctly in the past. "Try imagining a Wes Anderson movie set in 2014; it's pretty hard to picture," writes Screen Rant. On that note, midcentury dГ©cor would feel right at home with the Wes Anderson aesthetic.

Distinct Color Palettes

A Wes Anderson film is never without a whimsical color palette, from "the oceanic setting ofВ The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, the Indian provinces ofВ The Darjeeling Limited, the urban confines ofВ The Royal Tenenbaums, and the flinty coastal backdrop ofВ Moonrise Kingdom," writes Screen Rant. You may have noticed Anderson's use of pattern, too. We agree with The Art of Language when they say that it's almost as if Anderson brands each of his films using color. And by color, we mean rich burgundy to mint green, royal purple to bubblegum pink and everything in between.


And when it comes to styling your space, Wes Anderson style, consider applying one of his characteristic filmmaking techniques: Symmetry. According to Screen Rant, "The man simply cannot resist the draw of reciprocal arrangement of props and characters in front of his camera." For example, Screen Rant points out Bottle RocketВ andВ Rushmore as early examples, and adds, "check outВ everything fromВ The Royal Tenenbaums onward, and it becomes more and more prevalent."

Commitment to Theme

Anderson's filmography spares no details when it comes to set design. "From tiny brownstone apartments to color themes toВ elaborateВ costumes," writes The Art of Language, Anderson is meticulous. They add, "In a way, Anderson makes everything that usually surrounds a character a portrayal of that same character, defining personalities and conflicts, creating unique cinematic landscapes."

And it's this attention to detail that has resonated with audiences; so much so that some of the films' props have become iconic in the dГ©cor vernacular over the last decades: The Scalamandre zebra print, the pink princess phone, or the Darjeeling luggage, for instance.В

Want to infuse a little quirk into your space? Here are our favorite Wes Anderson-inspired dГ©cor picks, arranged by movie.

Courtesy of The Wire

The Royal Tenenbaums

Scalamandre “Zebras” Wallpaper $Price on requestShopCrosley Pink Princess Phone $60 $40ShopMaurice Bailey Monteverdi Rare Custom Young Sofa $16000ShopChairish Vintage Wood Badminton Racquets, A Pair $52ShopBernardaud Aux Rois Porcelain Ashtray $371ShopJuniper Books Pink Jane Austen Set $225Shop Courtesy of Vogue

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Kate Spade New York Telegram Notepad $12ShopChairish Deer Antler Mount $49ShopChairish 1950s Vintage Seychour Persian Rug $473ShopVisual Comfort Paris Flea Market Eight-Light Chandelier $1910ShopOka Panama Foldaway Luggage Rack $157Shop Courtesy of Nitehawk Cinema

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Brad Collins Steve Zissou Print $15ShopZanotta Pair of "Mezzadro" Stools by Castiglioni $3850ShopWayfair Life Preserver $29ShopAtmosphere Swing Globe: Planet Earth $56ShopSmeg Yellow Retro Refrigerator $2000ShopDeny Designs Mermaid X-Ing Throw Blanket $79Shop Courtesy of The Wire

The Darjeeling Limited

Very Troubled Child Savannah Bag Number 4 $999ShopKreat V Kraft Dupatta Long Stole Chiffon Silk Hand Beaded Wrap Veil $22ShopChairish 1990s Folk Art Mughal Style Indian Horse Painting $155 $93ShopJohn Robshaw Indian Elephant Decorative Pillow $195ShopRifle Paper Co. Passport Pocket Notebook Set $10Shop1st Dibs 20th Century Tweed Suitcase with Leather Corners $350 $150Shop Courtesy of Collider

Moonrise Kingdom

Field Notes Nixon Limited Edition 3 Pack $75ShopGoodlife Key Tags Secret Club Explore Key Tag $8ShopSchoolhouse Electric Shaniko Throw $259ShopCrosley Cruiser Portable Turntable $100ShopSchoolhouse Electric National Parks Print $99ShopNorquay Co. Canoe Paddles $325Shop

If you're new to Wes Anderson's genius, Screen Rant recommends beginning with Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, or diving straight in with The Grand Budapest hotel, which Screen Rant calls "the most Wes Andersony" of his films.