According to Qantas Flight Attendants, This Is the Best Carry-On Luggage

According to Qantas Flight Attendants, This Is the Best Carry-On Luggage

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When it comes to finding the most stylish, inexpensive, and easiest ways to travel, we're all about it. Already this year, we've nutted out the best ways to make the most of our annual leave, and theВ cheapest month to travel in (It's May in case you were wondering), and next up, were focusing on the travel hacks that will make travelling as easy as possible. First on the list? The luggage.

In a recent article, Who What Wear Australia spoke to a Qantas flight attendant who gave her expert advice on what to wear and pack for a long-haul flight. She also revealed the best type of carry-on luggage: “For carry on luggage I recommend a small wheelie suitcase. That way, you're not carrying everything on your shoulders. It's also easy to navigate through the terminal, while you can still organise all your things neatly. A small wheelie bag is also easy to pop up in the overhead locker, allowing for extra leg room. Make sure you read your airline's guidelines for in-cabin baggage, usually its weight restricted to 7kgs for economy passengers and 14kg for business and first-class passengers."

Luckily for us, shopping for luggage is such an exciting task. Shop some of our favourites below.

Ted Baker Business Bag $399Shop

We love the easy pull-out handle and gold embellishment that this bag offers.

Mark Cross Grained-Leather Suitcase $5000Shop

Is there anything more chic than a tanned grained-leather suitcase for travel? We think not.В

Kmart Soft Lightweight Case $49Shop

We recently covered this award-winning suitcase. And with it's affordable price tag, it's definitely a winner.В


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