The 8 Home Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Fall

The 8 Home Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Fall

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It hasn't exactly been feeling like fall is around the corner-hello, August heatwave-but we are about a month out from the official changing of the seasons. And the design world is starting to shift into neutral and hunker down for the start of autumn. To be fair, home design doesn't change as quickly as fashion does. It's not like we all run out and buy new furniture and furnishings every time September rolls around, which we kind of do with clothes, but it is a great time to make a few changes around your home. Especially if you like staying up on what's happening in the design world.

To get you started on a fall refresh, we tapped some of our interior designers to find out what trends they are doubling down on this fall. Read on and feel confident shopping with these ideas as inspiration.

Rethink Pink

Emily Hart Photography

“Blush is no longer making an appearance just during the spring and summer months. This versatile hue will be taking over fall color palettes with its subtle undertones and ability to make any space instantly chic.” -Abbe Fenimore, Studio Ten 25


Ryan McDonald

“Textures always come into play in the fall when you're looking to cozy up a space, but we'll be seeing it more than ever before. From plaster or unique brick walls to furs and nubby fabrics, bringing in that richness and warmth will be big.” -Lauren Svenstrup, owner and principal designer at Studio Sven

Earth Tones

Brian Bieder

“Moody, bold hues in earthy tones such as slate blue, olive green, or taupey chocolates are fun and exciting ways to boost a space, evoking a sense of warmth. Especially when paired with mustard yellow, peachy corals, and robins egg blue. The combos really sing when a mix of styles is incorporated-a little modern with a little traditional with a little chinois.” -Maggie Griffin, Maggie Griffin Design

Branches and Leaves

Anthony Tahlier

“Everyone loves fresh flowers, but they are hard to come by in the fall, so I believe big branches and leaves will be trending. They also offer an opportunity for bold colors. Using different height vases also adds interest to a room. Don't be shy when choosing the size-bigger is better.” -Karen Herold, founder of Studio K

BouclГ© Upholstery


“We've seen this trend on the rise with fur throws and fuzzy pillows, but now we are seeing more creativity toward creating a cozy space. Now bouclé sofas and accent chairs are popping up in rooms as well. People want a functional and comfortable space, so adding textured items that warm the room is becoming more in demand. You can find these type of pieces in almost any furniture store around.” -Douglas Graneto, interior designer

Natural Woods and Materials

Courtesy of LH.Designs

“Because people are incorporating nature more into their homes, neutral color palettes with natural materials will still be a fall 2019 trend. People are using lighter wood floors that have a more natural tone, along with neutral color palettes as that style is easy to dress up when needed. You can change the look by changing out accessories for entertaining, holidays, or if you get tired of the style. So pops of color can easily be thrown in but also easily taken out.” -Linda Hayslett, interior designer and principal at LH.Designs

Matte Black

“Matte black everywhere! From paint, to windows to fixtures and hardware, matte black is definitely trending! I am using it in almost every one of my projects right now. Black seems to compliment almost anything and provides an eye-catching contrast with a classic feel. I think the contrast it provides really elevates a look. It is classic, yet bold, while making a statement with a stylish look!” -Lauren O'Connell, in-house interior designer for Build.com

'80's Revival

“Colorful Memphis style is making a comeback-furniture with a sense of humor and lots of color and curves.” -Deirdre Doherty, Deirdre Doherty Interiors

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