Sleepaway Camp for Grown-Ups Is the Hottest Vacation Around

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If you miss the smell of roasted marshmallows over a campfire or the sounds of your favorite Dave Matthews Band song echoing through the night sky, we have the perfect thing for you.

Introducing Camp No Counselors, a sleepaway camp geared toward adults. Founded by Adam Tichauer-who recently pitched his burgeoning business on Shark Tank-CNC offers campers a chance to relive all the nostalgia of summer camp, except with a lot more booze.

“Play like a kid, party like an adult,” is the camp's tagline, because along with the arts and crafts, water sports, and talent shows, campers also have access to an open bar and gourmet meals. So if it's Sloppy Joes you're after, well, look elsewhere.

“Being an adult rarely affords you the chance to let down your guard, forget about work, and just enjoy life like a kid again,” reads a statement on the camp's official site. “Games of Capture the Flag coexist with an open bar all weekend long as you'll laugh louder, play harder, and dance more exuberantly than you have in years.”

As of now, Camp No Counselors-which hosts its getaways at actual summer camps-offers packages in 10 cities including Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. Sign up here.
Enjoy the water this summer with this Saffron James Kai Ko'o Limited-Edition Stand-Up, and let us know if you'll be signing up for Camp No Counselors this summer.