20 Ceiling Ideas That Guarantee a Double Take

20 Ceiling Ideas That Guarantee a Double Take

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Any designer knows that every blank space in a home is an opportunity to flex your decorating muscles. But there's one major area inВ everyВ house that almost-always remains untapped real estate. We're, of course, talking about the often-left-blank, usually white ceiling space hanging above your impeccably decorated rooms. And while it often remains forgotten, the fifth wall is a key element in any design scheme.В

When you've installed new floors, invested in furniture, and spent hours curating bookshelves and tabletops, it's time you turn your attention upwards. And before you go thinking how you've blown through your design budget or exceeded design inspo, we have the ideas to make a huge impact-some of which will cost you just a can of paint.

Ahead, 20 statement ceilings that guarantee your guests will do a double-take every time.В

Ceiling Composition

Never underestimate the power of a few cans of paint and a ton of creativity. We love how this wall mural extends all the way to the ceiling, drawing the eye upwards. The organic strokes make for an intriguing composition and the color selection feels equal parts serene and energetic.

Mural Masterpiece

If you consider yourself somewhat of a Michelangelo, perhaps you'll be inspired to create your own floor-to-ceiling masterpiece. This nature-inspired mural is just the inspiration you need to create your own version of the Sistine Chapel.

Monochromatic Paint Job

Painting your home from floor to ceiling gives any room a cozy, cave-like feeling, especially when you stick to a single color. Create the slightest contrast with a paint color in a lighter shade than your walls. We love how luxe this teal shade looks in this living room.

Technicolored Tile

You could spend hours composing a brilliantly balanced gallery wall, but everything falls flat north of your highest-hung frame. This technicolored tile ceiling brings the same visual interest (if not more) overhead. Recreate the look with colors that work with your current setup, and play with different layouts, just like you would with a gallery wall.

Wallpapered Ceiling

Wallpaper is a genius addition to any room-you can transform a space in hours, with the right print and color scheme. But don't be fooled by the name: Wallpaper can be used on places beyond just your walls. This thin black and white striped pattern on the ceiling instantly makes this closet look expensive.

Contrasting Beams

Some homeowners choose to camouflage their exposed beams, but we love how the ones in this tiny house are painted to pop off the ceiling. A clean black and white color scheme feels super modern and expands the space. You'd never guess this is only a 360 square foot home.

Tonal Beams

However, on the other hand, classic white-on-white ceiling beams look clean, while still adding so much depth to the space. Additionally, placing them parallel to your longest wall will open the space making it appear bigger.

Accent Beams

No matter what color you decide to paint your beams, don't overlook the space in between them. We love how these white beams are accentuated by the black and white chevron print placed in between. The final look feels like an optical illusion, but there's no denying it makes this living room feel just that much more fabulous.

Natural Beams

If you're currently working with exposed beams in their natural, rustic state, keep them that way. We love the character it brings to this bedroom. Paint the walls in a clean bright white to make them pop.

Statement Medallion

A ceiling medallion is a decorative element that's installed around a chandelier or lighting fixture to make it look cleaner or like an original built-in. Although they usually come in a round, 24-inch white design, repurposing a work of art as a ceiling medallion will update your space in a unique way. That carved wooden piece is a stunner in this classic living room.


The addition of a texture-inducing print adds tons of character to a simple space. If you're not a whizz with a paintbrush (honestly, that takes major talent), a textured wallpaper will also look like a million bucks. This one mimics the surface of the moon, and it's truly out of this world.

Ceiling Tiles

A textured ceiling tile adds tons of sophistication to any space (they also work wonders at hiding unsightly air-conditioning vents). Plus, they're paintable, so you can customize them to your current dГ©cor. We love this tonal emerald green ceiling-and-wall combo.

Contrasting Print

A printed wallpaper looks fabulous in any room, but it works wonders on the smallest spaces. Mixing patterns (on the ceiling, wall, kitchen backsplashes, and more) give the illusion of a larger space. Plus, it just looks cute too.

A Pop Of Color

If you think of your ceiling as another wall, you'll find a way to tie it into the room's design in a way that feels cohesive and beautiful. We love how the accent color, mustard, is utilized in this cheery living room. If you currently have an energetic color floating throughout your living room, go ahead and color match it to a paint that you splash on the ceiling.

Textured Ceiling

Welcome to the living room of our dreams. The designer utilized every inch of this space for design real estate and it truly paid off. The uniquely textured ceiling design is such a statement on its own, it still looks special painted in clean white.

Ceiling Mural

Any wall mural can be cool, but this tonal mural on the ceiling is so unexpected. The intricate design on this bedroom ceiling is such a focal point, you might not have noticed the interesting decor sprinkled around the room.

Contrasting Paint Job

We've seen ceilings painted in monochromatic shades and in an accent color. But perhaps our favorite way to use ceiling color is by contrasting it with your current dГ©cor. The yellow ceiling makes the blue and white rug pop, and brings out the warmth in the red patterned wallpaper.

The Glossy Ceiling

If you love shiny things as much as we do, you're probably adding this design to your Pinterest board as we speak. The glossy white ceiling in this dining room feels glamorous without looking too busy.

Contrasting Stripes

Just because wallpaper comes in a straight striped print, doesn't mean you can't customize it to your ceiling. We love how the designer of this space utilized the angles on their ceiling to play up the light blue and white striped wallpaper.

Hardwood Ceiling

Why should floors have all the hardwood fun? This kitchen is proof you can install wood panels on your ceiling for an even bigger impact.

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