A Life Strategist Gave Us 3 Anxiety-Killing Exercises to Try at Our Desk

A Life Strategist Gave Us 3 Anxiety-Killing Exercises to Try at Our Desk

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It's the end of the week, you're on your third cup of coffee, and you're counting down the minutes till 5 p.m. clock-off, so you finally get some time to yourself. Sound familiar? But as much as we glamorise the idea of “hustling hard,” spending most of the week busy and frustrated can not only pose long-term effects, but also has the potential to effect your professional performance. As busy as work can get, adding mindfulness into your workday doesn't have to require a lot of time, or,even have to take place in a yoga studio. So, to find out practical ways we can take some time for ourselves-even with a full inbox-we asked holistic life strategist, Simonne Lee, for her expert tips.

"One of the things I share with my clients is to remind themselves to open the 'feel good' door a couple of times throughout their day. It's simple techniques that change your day from black and white into full HD colour and all it takes is a couple minutes a few times a day.В Lee says. She also adds "Instead of getting into the habit of having bleak days at work, take a couple minutes out of your day and open the door to invite those 'good vibes' into your day." Read on for Lee's step-by-step guide to three easy exercises to try, and worth bookmarking for your next deadline.В



  • Rub the palms of your hands together for 30 seconds and really build up the heat between them.
  • As you're doing this, take slow deliberate breaths in and out.
  • Place both palms over your face with eyes closed and let the warmth spread across your face and into eyes. While still breathing deeply.
  • After 30 seconds again, slowly move your palms away from your face and open your eyes. Keep moving your palms until your optic nerve resets and you can see the lines on your hands clearly.


  • Take a couple of breaths to relax your body
  • Bring your attention to what your sitting on (the chair) and begin to focus on what you can feel: The texture your clothing fabric, where it touches your skin and where it doesn't. The softness/hardness of the seat beneath you. The fabric of the seat. How your feet are connected to the floor.
  • You can do this exercise to any part of your body at different times throughout the week.В


  • Put your left hand over your right and place both on your navel.
  • Breathe in slow, long and deep into your navel for four seconds.
  • Hold the breath in for four seconds.
  • Exhale calmly for four seconds.
  • Hold the breath out for four seconds.
  • Repeat four to five cycles to re-energise your mind and body.В


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