5 Healthy Recipes for Two That Are Perfect for Date Night

5 Healthy Recipes for Two That Are Perfect for Date Night

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It's easy to have the best intentions when it comes to making dinner every night, but between late nights at the office, work events, and workouts, these resolutions can easily fall to the wayside in favour of delivery sushi or frozen meals. All too often, what's missing from the equation is quick access to easy and healthy recipes to whip up in an instant. Whether it's an average busy weeknight or you're planning a special date-night meal, finding something delicious and healthy to cook can be just daunting enough to resort to ordering in.

Because finding a recipeВ shouldn't be a tedious task, we asked some of our favourite food bloggers to share their favourite healthy recipes for two-from quick and easy weeknight recipes to date night-approved meals. Are you in the mood for avocado noodles, sweet potato tacos, or spicy salmon? No matter what tempts your taste buds, we have a recipe that you will both enjoy.

Dandelion Greens, Mushroom, and Potato Frittata

Rose & Ivy

"Frittata is the answer when you are looking for a versatile meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that packs a healthy punch that can be served in individual ramekins or a cast-iron pan," says Alison Engstrom of Rose & Ivy. "This rendition is packed with nutritious ingredients, like dandelion greens and mushrooms, while the potatoes add a bit of heartiness."

Read the full recipe on Rose & Ivy.

Spicy Coconut Lime Fish Stew

What's Cooking Good Looking

"This is an easy, healthy recipe for two that packs a lot of flavors," says Joci Bombace from What's Cooking Good Looking. "From prep to finish, this meal can be made in under 30 minutes, but it tastes like something that would require much more effort."

Read the full recipe on What's Cooking Good Looking.

Avocado Green Curry Noodles With Toasted Coconut and Cashews

Salt & Wind

"This thoroughly modern noodle dish has all the whole foods and clean diet flavors you should get more of-kale, avocado, coconut, and cashews-in a saucy noodle dish that'll give your takeout noodles a run for their money," says Aida Mollenkamp of Salt & Wind.

Read the full recipe on Salt & Wind.

Sweet Potato, Avocado, and Cabbage Slaw Tacos

Rose & Ivy

"Tacos are one of those dishes that bring people together since all of the ingredients can be set out and assembled to one's liking," says Engstrom. "This rendition swaps meat for spiced sweet potatoes that are scented with warming cumin and coriander. The red cabbage slaw that is quickly pickled in vinegar adds a tangy crunch. "

Read the full recipe on Rose & Ivy.

Salmon With Spicy Caraway Tomato Sauce

What's Cooking Good Looking

"This is one of my favorite dinners to cook for my husband and myself because salmon is one of our favorite healthy weeknight foods," says Bombace. "This recipe is easy to make, but it packs so much flavor, and it has a sophisticated feel. Also, you can double the caraway tomato paste and store extra in the fridge or freezer so this can come together that much faster."

Read the full recipe on What's Cooking Good Looking.

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