11 Home-Office Decorating Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like a CEO

11 Home-Office Decorating Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like a CEO

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In today's digital age, there's no need to go into the office every day-our hyper-connected lives make it easy to work from virtually anywhere. Without constant interruptions, it's easier to get more done simply by working from home occasionally. But here's the thing: Productivity only goes so far in your home office. Working from your bed will not make you the most proficient. But a functional work space doesn't have to take a lot of space-take it from one editor who lives in a 300-square-foot studio. With just a few square feet, you can create aВ desk spaceВ that will make you extra productive. ReadyВ to try working remotely? Try these home-office decorating ideas.

Marcus Mam/Trunk Archive

Try an Oval-Shaped Desk

We always think of home offices as stale spaces, usually with a desk facing the wall. But what if you used an oval dining room as your desk instead and sprinkled the space with eye-catching art? Jenna Lyon's old J.Crew office feels like the perfect space to take a day to work from home in.

Bauer Media/Trunk Archive

Retool Your Nook

Space doesn't have to be an issue when it comes to home offices. In this Austalian home, a tiny recessed nook in the kitchen became a functional home office with shelving space. Another great place to repurpose is an unused closet.

Amy Bartlam

Paint By Moods

Sure, having a light and bright home office can give you energy, but so can a dark and moody one. Try painting your walls and ceiling in a dark navy or gray and anchor the space with a bright Persian rug.

Courtesy of Charlie Ferrer

Center Your Desk

If you're tired of staring at a wall or host many meetings, try floating your desk in the middle of the room. In this tiny one-bedroom apartment by Charlie Ferrer, a multifunctional desk doubles as a dining space.

Courtesy of Studio DB

Play With Fire

No need to dedicate an entire room to your home office. In this living room, Studio DB carved out a small space next to the living room fireplace for a work space. Bonus: You'll get to sit by the fire while you work.

Julia Robbs

Style For Storage

When it comes to the home office, storage is everything. In this bright space, the owner floated the desk facing the window and pushed it against a wall-to-wall low shelving system to maximize storage space. Now that's a well-organized work space.

Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Consider the Dining Room

Even a dining room can be the perfect spot for a casual home office. Just find empty wall space, and install a shelving unit with desk. You'll only need a few feet to have a perfectly functional work space.

Courtesy of Studio DB

Look Out

When it comes to staying motivated, the view is everything. In this Chelsea loft, Studio DB installed a custom desk space with plenty of storage facing the Manhattan skyline. It doesn't get much better than this view.

Courtesy of Alexander Design

Consider a Practical and Stylish Rug

Now that we all own laptops, it's easy to create a work space that doesn't feel like a cubicle. Use a dining table and mismatched chairs, and add a rug to conceal any wires from your task lamp to create an informal work space.В

Amy Bartlam

Try the Double Desk Technique

In this California home, a wall of shelving doubles as a desk, but it also faces another desk floated in the middle of the room. That way, it's easy to switch up your work space depending on whether you're at the computer, taking a meeting, or working on something more tactical where you need surface space.

Heidi's Bridge

Go Midcentury Office Space

In this quaint, rustic space, a minimalist midcentury desk sitting under a narrow shelf provides the perfect occasional work space. The midcentury desk chair is rendered extra cozy with a sheepskin throw. This is an ideal setup if you seldom work from home and you don't have a ton of space.


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