8 Home-Based Business Ideas You've Likely Never Considered

8 Home-Based Business Ideas You've Likely Never Considered

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Have you ever thought about working from the comfort of your own home? It probably seems like a pipe dream, but there are some home-based business ideasВ that you've likely never thought of before. If you're a new parent, if you crave flexibility, or if you're just over office politics, it may be worth looking into.

Although around 60% of companies now offer their employees the option to telecommute at least part-time, running a business from home will give you even more flexibility. But the benefits go beyond just making your own hours: A study conducted by Manta found that 94% of U.S. entrepreneurs said they were happy, and a whopping 90% reported they also have “fulfilling personal lives.” If you're ready to take the plunge, learn about the eight fun yet lucrative home-based business ideas that you can run from the comfort of your bed.


This industry is booming, considering it's not only for rising undergrads anymore but for business and grad school prospectives, too. Admissions consultants do just about everything, ranging from editing personal statements to prepping students for interviews. Recent surveys show that at least 50% of MBA applicants alone hire a consultant, so we feel safe saying this position isn't going anywhere anytime soon. One thing to remember: Summertime can get busy since most applications for the following year are due in the fall.


If you have a design degree, all you need is a computer, the right programs, and some hustle. Tons of companies need freelancers to help with everything ranging from book design to creating ads to even laying out websites. If you need some assistance getting gigs, it might be wise to sign up with a job agency to connect with potential employers. Additionally, websites like Upwork allow you to link up with individuals or companies in need of your skills (and you can set your own rates).


Renting out a room at a studio to teach is what can make this job for creatives expensive. If you have the space to carve out a “studio” in a living room or extra bedroom, then the cash flow can be great. But just because you're a gifted singer or musician doesn't mean you should teach-it's important to have patience with students and to learn how to motivate them, no matter their age. This isn't a bad gig, especially considering that voice teachers can charge more than $1 a minute for their coaching.


Is this giving you visions of Jennifer Lopez in the movie The Wedding Planner? Well, this role might not be quite as glamorous, but if you're used to planning weddings for friends (or yourself, for that matter), it could be a good fit. Venue visits and vendor appointments-as well as the actual ceremony and reception-will get you out of the house, but pretty much everything else can be taken care of by email and phone. If you're organized, good at making connections, and do well under pressure, it may be time to try this job on for size.


You may be surprised by this, but a tax preparation specialist does not require an accounting degree (or even a college diploma). Being naturally good at math will help, but you do need to be a high school graduate and attend a tax course before taking clients. The months leading up to April will get crazy, but you'll be able to take a nice long summer break.


Whether you're specifically training alongside your clients or providing them with emotional support as they try to reach their workout goals, you can do both from the comfort of your home. If you're exercising, create a studio space or travel to your client's place or gym. Some fitness coaches even mentor through FaceTime or online hangouts to give exercise ideas, meal prep inspo, and more from afar.


If you're a people person with a knack for decorating, maybe you should give this career a whirl. By the way, this is different from being an interior designer, which involves training and/or schooling. For this position, having an impressive portfolio and the right contacts is crucial-and so is the ability to read clients' minds, or at least get a sense of what they're looking for.


If you're a fan of Marie Kondo's books, then this one's for you. All you'll need is an office space to store before-and-after photos, mood boards, and the like. (It's basically a requirement for you to travel to others people's homes and organize on-site). Having a storage closet won't hurt either since you'll probably need to keep bins, drawers dividers, etc., at the ready. The good news is that you can make your own schedule once you build up your client base.

What do you think of these home-based business ideas? Are we missing any? Sound off in the comments.

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