How to Care for Your Flowers This Spring

How to Care for Your Flowers This Spring

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Last week we had you take a quiz to discover the best spring flowers forВ your personality. Taking into consideration your living space and time commitment, as well as your hobbies and pastimes, we gleaned the knowledge of horticulture experts at the Ball Horticultural Company's 2017 Spring Trials to determineВ whichВ flowers you should growВ this spring.

This week, we're serving up a set of flashcards for all your flower-caring needs that will make sure you're equipped with tips toВ give life to your blooms all spring long. From sprightly pentasВ and bright petunias to cheery osteospermum and sophisticated Spanish lavender, each flower requires special care and attention to ensure its beauty lasts throughout the season. So whichever flower you decide to bring to your home this spring, keep them alive and well with these simple tips.В Keep scrolling to study up on how to take care of your flowers this spring.

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These lovely flowers are especially great for mixing with other plants and flowers, and you can get creative with color coordination in both outdoor dГ©cor and tablescapes. Best in the South and the Pacific Northwest, these beauties do well in a variety of vessels, including containers and baskets, and as part of a landscaped yard.

Water:В Once a week, thoroughly. Those in containers need to be watered more often.

Soil:В If you're planting in containers, use a soilless mix.

Maintenance:В Remove wilting and dead flowers to prolong blooming and encourage flowers to grow.

Recommended:В Wave Petunias

Original Art by Stephanie DeAngelis

These playful flowers love the sun and are great in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Northeast for spring. Both are excellent for landscapes or containers on the patio-violas are very weather-tolerant if you're expecting rain. They're relatively easy to maintain and happen to make great salad or cocktail garnishes, too.

Water: Regularly.

Soil:В Plant in moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil.

Maintenance:В Remove wilting and dead flowers to prolong blooming and encourage flowers to grow.

Recommended:В Cool WaveВ Pansy

Original Art by Stephanie DeAngelis

This multipurpose plant is perfect for springtime in all regions. Thriving in full sun when planted in containers, Spanish Lavender is best enjoyed outside but can survive for periods of time indoors. Take advantage of its versatility: Add to entertaining spaces to enjoy its fragrance, use for aromatherapy in baths or essential oils, chop up the leaves for soap, tie up sprigs for decoration, or add to cheeses or herbal seasonings for additional flavor.

Water: Infrequently but thoroughly-when the soil is almost dry.

Soil:В Plant in well-drained soil.

Maintenance:В Low maintenance. Treat like an herb.В

Recommended: AnoukВ Spanish Lavender

Original Art by Stephanie DeAngelis

For people who don't love flowers but want an attractive addition to their home, the coleus is a wonderful way to get the boom without the bloom. The foliage is low maintenance but high impact, does best in shadier environments with only partial sun, and is perfect for a large pot or landscaping.

Water:В Keep moist. Coleus in containers require more frequent watering than landscapes.

Soil:В Fertile, well-drained soil in an area of partial shade.

Maintenance:В Very low maintenance. Spiked flowers bloom in early summer and can be removed if desired.

Recommended: KongВ Coleus

Original Art by Stephanie DeAngelis

These perennial plants add beautiful blooms to large containers and landscapes and work well in all regions for spring. Make a statement in your entryway or garden, and wow your neighbors with flowers' vivid color.

Water:В Only as needed, when the top inch of soil dries out.В

Soil: Rich, well-aerated soil that drains quickly.

Maintenance:В Remove dead flowers, leaves, and stems from the plant immediately to prevent mildew.

Recommended: Whopper RoseВ Begonia

Original Art by Stephanie DeAngelis

Part of the daisy family-and known as the African Daisy-this flower delivers the cheery silhouette we think of when we imagine springtime blooms. Best planted by itself, osteospermum takes a little more time and effort, but the results are well worth it.

Water: Regularly to keep from drying out.

Soil: Osteospermum prefer a slightly acidic soil that is well-drained. They're one of the few annuals that will still bloom even if planted in poor soil.

Maintenance:В A little higher maintenance.В Remove wilting and dead flowers to prolong blooming and encourage flowers to grow.

Recommended:В OsteospermumВ Serenity

Original Art by Stephanie DeAngelis

For springtime, these flowers do best in southern regions where they can enjoy full sun. They also tolerate stress well in high heat, humidity, and rain. Great to mix with other flowers, their sprightly blossoms attract butterflies and hummingbirds for added life in your space.

Water:В Regularly.

Soil: Well-drained, humus-rich soil.

Maintenance:В Low maintenance. Remove wilting and dead flowers to prolong blooming and encourage flowers to grow.

Recommended: ButterflyВ Pentas

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