5 Unique Cocktails Every Mojito Lover Will Adore

5 Unique Cocktails Every Mojito Lover Will Adore

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We hardly need an excuse to kick back with a cocktail after a long day, but today is National Mojito Day, so there's an extra reason to order a mint-and-lime libation. To celebrate, we've rounded up five lip-smacking-good creations that offer a curious twist on the classic Cuban cocktail-think blackberry and basil with rum or a cucumber cooler, the so-called "upgraded mojito." Ready the bar car and start happy hour with one of these mojito-inspired cocktails.

Constance Higley for Style Me Pretty

Grapefruit Mint Mojito

Star ingredient: Grapefruit. This subtle twist on a classic mojito is seriously refreshing. The combination of tart citrus, zesty lime, and fragrant mint makes it perfect for sweltering summer nights.

Make it now: It doesn't get simpler than this. Visit Style Me Pretty to whip up a grapefruit mint mojito tonight-it takes just three minutes.

How Sweet Eats

RosГ© Champagne Mojitos

Star ingredient: RosГ© wine syrup. This delicate blush-colored cocktail uses a wine-and-sugar reduction to offset the strong citrus flavor with a sweet touch.

Try it now: The wine reduction bumps the prep time for How Sweet Eats'В rosГ© champagne mojitosВ up to 30 minutes, but it's worth the effort.

The Minimalist Baker

Blackberry Basil Mojito

Star ingredient: Basil. The savory herb gives this classic lime-and-rum cocktail an unexpected twist.

Try it now: This seven-ingredient blackberry basil mojito from The Minimalist Baker takes only five minutes to whip up.

Jelly Toast

Pineapple Mojito

Star ingredient: You guessed it: pineapple. This tropical libation is equal parts acidic and sweet. Clap fresh mint sprigs between your hands to release the flavor and aroma.В

Make it now: Ready to get started on a batch of pineapple mojitos?В Jelly ToastВ has the full recipe.В

The Minimalist Baker

Cucumber Cooler

Star ingredient: Gin. Part mojito, part gin and tonic, this cocktail hybrid might confuse your taste buds at first, but it works. Be sure to use a cocktail shaker and muddle to infused all the subtle flavors.

Make it now: This four-step recipe can be found at The Minimalist Baker.

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