These 7 Parenting Apps Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

These 7 Parenting Apps Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Technology can be an invaluable resource for organizing, documenting, and improving your life. Nowhere are these goals more important than when it comes to the health and happiness of your child. Today there are numerous parenting apps that can guide you through every aspect of being a parent. To help you sift through the massive amount of parenting apps out there, we've compiled a list of our favorites in several categories, from social apps to wellness trackers. Read on for seven of the best parenting apps to try.

Baby Connect

For a user-friendly, impressively streamlined app that helps you organize both short-term and long-term items, Baby Connect is one of our top picks. From minutiae like feeding and sleep schedules to important doctor's appointments, the app allows you to track (and easily share) data through a simple, intuitive interface.

$5, available on iTunes and Google Play

Cloud Baby Monitor

For Apple users, the Cloud Baby Monitor app is one of the most essential parenting apps. This app basically allows you to transform any two Apple devices into a baby monitor and receiver. Simply download the app and pair your smartphone to a laptop, Apple Watch, or iPad.

$4 to $7, available on iTunes

Glow Baby

In addition to pediatrician-approved charts and smart insights, theВ Glow Baby app also delivers personalized parenting tips to help keep you on track.

Free, available on iTunes and Google Play

Parenthood by Baby Center

No matter how old your child is, theВ Parenthood app has you covered. Track developmental milestones, access educational resources, and peruse expert tips that are relevant to your family. You can even connect with other parents to share tips through the app.

Free, available on iTunes and Google Play


Another must-try parenting app is BabyTime, designed to track feedings, sleep schedules, and even diaper changes all in one handy place. As a bonus, we love the cute, easy-to-use interface.

Free to $3, available on iTunes and Google Play


If you're looking for a virtual community of fellow parents with whom you can share advice, resources, and support, then this might just be the app for you. You can even use the app to schedule playdates, learn about local schools, and find family activities in your area.

Free, available on Google Play

WebMD Baby

With relevant health news and an emergency symptom guide, the WebMD Baby app has been described as being like “a pediatrician in your pocket” and can be an invaluable resource for immediate advice and wellness tips.

Free, available on iTunes and Google Play

Up next, read on for 12 of the best parenting books to invest in.


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